Weigh In Tuesday – 2lb on :(

Hi guys,

Weighed in this morning at 15st 4.75 lbs meaning a 2lb weight gain. I kind of saw it coming towards the end of the week as my sleeping pattern has gone haywire with my hayfever and some stressful family stuff going on. I’ve not necessarily been having extra meals when surviving on 3 hours sleep but I think during meal times my appetite has grown this week and I’ve not been drinking anywhere near enough water and overindulging on Pepsi Max’s in an attempt to stay awake during the day.

It’s ok though. Although my sleeping pattern isn’t quite back on track yet I’m going to try really hard to get my water intake up again and make sure I’m taking all my medication (I keep forgetting the odd one here and there and they seem to have an effect on water retention). Minimum 2.5L and I need to start exercising again rather than being lazy and taking my car everywhere which is the case at the minute! I will let you know how I get on!

Until next time.. x

Weigh In Tuesday – 16.06.15 – 2.75lb off! – 5% lost

Hi guys,

Super excited to update you this time round. I hit another loss this morning weighing in at 15 stone 2.75lb – a 2.75lb loss 🙂 I was a little worried I was going to lose less or stay the same this week as I was indulging a lot outside of meals (but within points) and had KFC and nachos yesterday as well as not exercising at all. I’ve definitely been in a bit of a funk this week with some anxieties which have been stopping me from sleeping. BUT it’s now given me a big boost to try and make the most of this week despite the meals out as I’ve hit 5% of my body weight in about 4 weeks. How mad is that. Usually I can’t stick to anything properly for a solid month so to consistently lose each week is remarkable to me as I usually have at least one gain a month. My daily ProPoints have dropped to 33 so my meal plan won’t be 100% correct but I’ll be sticking to 33pp when actually tracking my food.

I think one big difference between SW and WW is that it focuses more on portion control and means I have more flexibilty to eat what I want. I know I shouldn’t be eating junk but sometimes you just crave it and to still lose is just gobsmacking to me. Obviously if my weight loss slows down, I will definitely know where to start cutting out but I’m enjoying having the flexibility at the moment.

Until next time.. x

WW Food Log – 02.06.15 – 08.06.15 – 2.5lb loss

Hi guys,

Sorry this is a little late – I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently and been sleeping quite a bit so I’m a little behind on posts but better late than never, I suppose. This week hasn’t been too bad craving wise. I haven’t gone totally off kilter (except Friday with planned meals on Sunday and Monday) and been within my points so all is well. Very happy with the 2.5lb loss.

Tuesday – 34pp & 3 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-02 10.44.32.jpg
Breakfast: a bagel thin (3pp) with 30g wafer thin ham (1pp) with cucumber, a clementine and smoothie with strawberries, banana, spinach, frozen berries, 1tsp chia seeds (2pp) and a tbsp of porridge oats (1pp) = 7pp

 photo 2015-06-02 13.12.23.jpg
Lunch: half pack of Tilda sun dried tomato basmati rice (4pp) with 125g steamed turkey mince (3pp) with oyster sauce, half tbsp corn starch (1pp) and an apple = 8pp

 photo 2015-06-02 17.04.10.jpg
Dinner: jacket potato with coleslaw in light mayo guesstimate = 11pp

 photo 2015-06-02 15.40.01.jpg
 photo 2015-06-02 22.12.47.jpg
Snacks: 2 ryvita (1pp) and 2 laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp) with cherry tomatoes, nectarine, roast carrots, a tbsp of mash (1pp?). Not pictured: 3/4 aero bar (4pp), a pack of popchips (3pp) and a mini creme egg (1pp) = 11pp

Wednesday – 31pp

 photo 2015-06-03 10.48.20.jpg
Breakfast: 1/4 pot Asda fat free natural yoghurt (2pp) with fruit and a smoothie made with spinach, strawberries, bananas, frozen fruit, 1tsp chia seeds (2pp) and 1tbsp porridge oats (1pp) = 5pp

 photo 2015-06-03 11.38.24.jpg
Lunch: 2 bagel thins (6pp) with 30g ham (1pp), 60g smoked salmon (2pp), 1 laughing cow extra light triangle and 30g Phili light (1pp), cucumber. = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-03 20.37.28.jpg
Dinner: half portion of skinny corned beef hash (6pp) with pickled onions, beetroot, cherry tomatoes and roast carrots = 6pp

 photo 2015-06-03 16.29.04.jpg
Snack: Ilumi pea and pancetta soup (5pp) with roast pork (5pp) = 10pp

Thursday – 34pp + 2 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-04 10.59.35.jpg
 photo 2015-06-04 14.46.41.jpg
Lunch: Ilumi spicy butternut squash soup (3pp) with 2 sandwich thins (6pp) 60g ham (2pp) and 2 laughing cow light triangles (1pp) = 12pp

Dinner: (not pictured) jacket potato with tuna in light mayo (13pp)

 photo 2015-06-04 20.57.11.jpg
Snack: roast pork (3pp) with a bag of quavers (2pp) – not pictured. Egg (2pp) with half can of beans (4pp) roast butternut squash and carrots, spinach and mushrooms = 11pp

Friday – 34pp + 11 weekly pp

Breakfast: not pictured – 1/4 pot Asda fat free natural yoghurt (1pp) with fruit = 1pp

 photo 2015-06-05 13.20.40.jpg
Lunch: skinny corned beef hash (12pp) with cherry tomatoes, pickled onions and beetroot, nectarine, apple = 12pp

 photo 2015-06-05 20.24.57.jpg
Dinner: Hollands steak and kidney pudding (9pp) with roast carrots and 160g mushy peas (3pp) = 12pp

Snack: not pictured – pork steak (3pp), 2 Morrisons rice cake with milk chocolate (3pp), 2 packs French Fries (5pp), skittles (5pp) and a Dairy Milk Oat Crunch (4pp) = 20pp

Saturday – 34pp + 9 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-06 10.18.11.jpg
Breakfast: bagel thin (3pp) with an egg (2pp) light cheese slice (1pp) and 2 bacon medallions (1pp) = 7pp

 photo 2015-06-06 13.18.03.jpg
Lunch: half serving of skinny corned beef hash (6pp) with cherry tomatoes, pickled onions and beetroot, with a sandwich thin (3pp), 30g ham (1pp) and a laughing cow extra light triangle = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-06 20.36.53.jpg
 photo 2015-06-06 20.50.19.jpg
Dinner: I had a mixed kebab but as you can see from the photos above my eyes were way too big for my stomach! I guesstimated around 18pp for what I ate (which wasn’t a lot!) and the rest went to OH. = 18pp

 photo 2015-06-06 17.17.13.jpg
Snack: Nissan seafood macaroni (8pp) = 8pp

Sunday – 34pp + 13 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-07 10.54.32.jpg
Breakfast: bagel thin (3pp) with a laughing cow light triangle (1pp) = 4pp

 photo 2015-06-07 13.16.52.jpg
Lunch: skinny corned beef hash (12pp) with cucumber, pickled beetroot, nectarine = 12pp

 photo 2015-06-07 15.41.40.jpg
Snack: 1/4 pot Asda fat free natural yoghurt (1pp) with fruit

 photo 2015-06-07 20.59.48.jpg
Dinner: with my work colleagues – bowl of white rice, stir fried pak choi, aubergine stew, steamed fish, braised pork belly, fried pangasius, hot boiled lamb, cumin lamb, fried beancurd and beancurd vermicelli chinese leaf stew. Guesstimate = 30pp

Monday – 34pp + 1 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-08 12.49.15.jpg
Lunch: bagel thin (3pp) with 60g smoked salmon (2pp) 30g Phili light (1pp), packet of French Fries (2pp) and 300g can of Heinz tomato soup (5pp) = 13pp

 photo 2015-06-08 17.14.32.jpg
Snack: smoothie of spinach, strawberries, banana, frozen melon with a Asda Smart Price caramel wafer bar (2pp) = 2pp

Dinner: with a friend at Sukhothai. Had tom yum soup and massaman curry with jasmine rice. Guesstimate = 20pp

Until next time.. x

Weigh In Monday – 8th June 2015

Hi guys,

Just a quick one today. Weighed in yesterday morning at 15 stone 5.5lbs which means a 2.5lbs loss! I went for dinner with a friend last night instead of Wednesday so although I was still within daily and weekly points I feel a bit heavier today but I shan’t be touching the scales until next week!

I’m definitely starting to feel like I’m getting used to counting and it feels almost natural to me now. It’s just a little frustrating sometimes when some items are not in the database and as a lot of Asian foods don’t have the nutritional values on the product, it’s hard to work out. There has been a lot of guesstimation this week though I feel I have overestimated to be safe. What do you guys think?

Until next time.. x

Weigh In Tuesday – 02.05.15

Hi guys,

So after much thought I decided I wasn’t too keen on the meetings I’ve been to and what with trying to save money for a house deposit, I’ve decided to switch to just e-source and weigh in at home. Monthly pass costs £21.45/month and e-source is £15 for 3 months and as I feel that’s pretty much the more important part I need, it’ll be better for me as well as saving me around £16 a month.

Anyhow, I weighed in today at 15 stone 8lbs! A loss of 2lbs. Considering that consisted of a lot of pizza, I’m pretty happy with that. Going to try and not have so much junk and carbs this week though…

Until next time.. x

How I’m Feeling About Tomorrow’s Weigh In – 31.05.15

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve had pre-weigh in thoughts so figured I’d tell you how my week went.

As you know I’ve been counting this week and bizarrely enough, I’ve found it easier than Filling and Healthy. I’ve definitely opened my eyes to portion size this week, especially with my Saturday night meal where I more or less made enough for two meals (but it was worth it). I don’t necessarily think I’ve eaten very healthily – I’ve not gone over on my weekly points or anything but I’ve definitely had more than my fair share of treats! I have noticed that I tend to eat under my daily points in the beginning of the week and the closer and closer I get to weigh in, I just want to stuff my face. I’ve only had to venture into my weekly points about half way which is good I suppose but all of them were used in the last two or three days before weigh in.

Exercise wise – I’ve not broken any barriers but I definitely have been more active this week. I’ve walked home from work a few times and oh my, I tried to cycle to work on Saturday and nearly died. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that it was my first time on my bike since the Winter before last – pretty much a year and a half ago! Although I can walk the 2 odd miles with only a few aches, cycling nearly killed me. I think I cycled about halfway and walked with my bike the rest and walked home with my bike as I wasn’t sure if I would make it home otherwise! Definitely want to try and build myself up and try and use the bus/car less.

I am hoping for a loss this week. I’d like to say another 2lbs but I’m not sure if upping my exercise will mean I stay the same or gain. I couldn’t make weigh in last week as my group was cancelled due to the Bank Holiday, so I took a cheeky jump on the scales and scared myself back off! We shall see, we shall see…

Until next time.. x

Food Budgeting

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well after the Bank Holiday and rearing to go – I definitely am!

I spent the day in Knaresborough (near Harrogate) with my family without the OH and we had a lovely day. We did plenty of walking (which was good as I had overindulged a little the night before) and the views are absolutely stunning. I will definitely have to go back and have a good wander and row on the river next time!

Anyhow, I’d forgotten my love for outdoor activities and I have to admit Knaresborough is hilly! I was a bit out of puff whilst climbing a million and one stairs and it’s made me more determined to get my act together. I know I keep saying that but I don’t want to spend anymore of my twenties not feeling confident in myself. With all the issues me and OH have been having with his severe depression, I know I need to be there for him, but I need to make sure I’m doing the best possible for myself too.

This leads on to my blog post today on food budgeting. As me and OH are a bit shaky at the moment, my sister and I have decided to buy a house together next year (with OH living with us). We have a good chunk of deposit between us, but I want to make sure I have a decent amount with some left over for any unexpected stuff. As I live in my Dad’s house in return for managing his tenants and all the rental stuff, I don’t really have much outgoings if I strip away all the non-essentials. So, I am kind of hoping to put away a decent amount in the next few months as my sister’s lease isn’t up until January so we have a bit of time to save. I’m hoping to put away £1K a month for the foreseeable future anyway.

One place which I do spend quite a lot on is my food budget. Even I have to admit that sometimes I just buy things for the sake of it. So much food goes to waste if I’m not focussed on what I actually need (even with a shopping list!) and I just don’t limit myself, which I think may be why I have little willpower at home with all the junk food surrounding me! I am hoping to bring down my food budget by half as I’m no longer responsible for OH’s food. So I will be looking at £30 a week/£130 a month. I have so much food in the cupboards and freezer so I need to run this down as well. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to label some of the meats I received before putting it into the freezer so it might be pot luck when it comes to defrosting things to use the next day.

I think the only thing I will struggle with is probably fruit and veg. Sometimes I go a little crazy as it’s all “healthy” and just grab everything. I’m definitely going to try and be a little more calm and collected. I have my list ready for the shop tonight and there doesn’t seem to be that much on it but I do think I spent around £60 last week on various things so there’s a lot leftover. I will definitely have a post for you in regards to my food shop tomorrow.

Until next time.. x

Return to Blogging/Change of Plan

Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone’s around to carry on reading posts, but I’m here! Sorry for the prolonged absence. As you know I was going through a very difficult few months and I just felt totally overwhelmed. Unfortunately, something had to give, and that just happened to be blogging and generally looking after myself. So, I am kind of fresh back from my holidays, where I ate a lot of food. Fortunately I didn’t put any weight on (it was Florida after all!). Unfortunately I put a bunch of weight on before I went.

So, I’m back, ready to get back into it. I have decided to have a little change though. I decided to join Weightwatchers as I kept going off the rails a bit with Slimming World and thought I could do with a bit more structure to kick myself back into gear. I have to admit that I didn’t have great first impressions at group and the first week was a big mess. This week has been exam week and so I’ve not been counting (Daily PPs: 34, Weekly: 49) but doing WW’s version of SW – filling and healthy. Though I did have a moment the day before the exam and went to Mcdonalds >.< Well, Rome wasn't built in a day I suppose.

I weighed in on 11th May at 15 stone 12lbs. My last weigh in was 18th May and I lost 2lbs (though I had only really been counting for about 3 days due to a massive feck up online). This week isn't boding too well at the moment but my exam was yesterday and I'm going to make sure the rest of this week is up to scratch.

Although I'll be following WW for the foreseeable future (unless something goes horribly wrong or I just decide to go back to SW), I hope you'll carry on following my journey. I will be blogging my food once again and hopefully will be able to squeeze a few shopping posts in. At the end of the day, I feel that WW and SW are fairly similar in that they both advocate healthy eating and so far, it just seems (in my eyes) that WW is more controlled in regards to portion size and at this moment in time, I think that's what I need. I'm sure my food will still largely resemble a SW diet so hopefully you'll get some inspiration and just double check it's SW friendly 🙂

OK, so I think that's all for now.

Until next time.. x

Food Shopping – Asda – 23rd February

Hi guys,

This post is a bit late and without photos but better late than never, right?

Fruit & veg: 2 bunches of celery, a punnet of peaches, nectarines, leeks, grapes, honeydew melon, 2 punnets of strawberries, clementines, carrots, a grapefruit, pears, fine beans, mangetout, spinach, basil, chives, red pepper and passion fruit.

Other: 2 packs of 5% beef mince, almond milk, roast peppers in brine, chickpeas, mackerel in spicy tomato sauce, WW cumberland sausages, frozen black forest fruit mix, quark, cottage cheese, fromage frais and a loaf Kingsmill Great White.

Total came to £53.41.

I’ve tried the houmous recipe on the SW website and it’s not for me which I’m a bit upset about as I was looking forward to a syn free dip! I might just stick to synning the shop bought stuff. Similar views on the leek and potato soup but it’s more edible than the houmous!

I’ve not been totally following my meal plan either but it’s been nice to spend some quality time with my sisters and trying to throw myself back in college life. The past few days have been getting better and I’m taking some time off next week just to catch up on some rest and organise my life a bit more so hopefully I can get back into the blogging swing of things 🙂

Until next time.. x