WW Food Log – 02.06.15 – 08.06.15 – 2.5lb loss

Hi guys,

Sorry this is a little late – I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently and been sleeping quite a bit so I’m a little behind on posts but better late than never, I suppose. This week hasn’t been too bad craving wise. I haven’t gone totally off kilter (except Friday with planned meals on Sunday and Monday) and been within my points so all is well. Very happy with the 2.5lb loss.

Tuesday – 34pp & 3 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-02 10.44.32.jpg
Breakfast: a bagel thin (3pp) with 30g wafer thin ham (1pp) with cucumber, a clementine and smoothie with strawberries, banana, spinach, frozen berries, 1tsp chia seeds (2pp) and a tbsp of porridge oats (1pp) = 7pp

 photo 2015-06-02 13.12.23.jpg
Lunch: half pack of Tilda sun dried tomato basmati rice (4pp) with 125g steamed turkey mince (3pp) with oyster sauce, half tbsp corn starch (1pp) and an apple = 8pp

 photo 2015-06-02 17.04.10.jpg
Dinner: jacket potato with coleslaw in light mayo guesstimate = 11pp

 photo 2015-06-02 15.40.01.jpg
 photo 2015-06-02 22.12.47.jpg
Snacks: 2 ryvita (1pp) and 2 laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp) with cherry tomatoes, nectarine, roast carrots, a tbsp of mash (1pp?). Not pictured: 3/4 aero bar (4pp), a pack of popchips (3pp) and a mini creme egg (1pp) = 11pp

Wednesday – 31pp

 photo 2015-06-03 10.48.20.jpg
Breakfast: 1/4 pot Asda fat free natural yoghurt (2pp) with fruit and a smoothie made with spinach, strawberries, bananas, frozen fruit, 1tsp chia seeds (2pp) and 1tbsp porridge oats (1pp) = 5pp

 photo 2015-06-03 11.38.24.jpg
Lunch: 2 bagel thins (6pp) with 30g ham (1pp), 60g smoked salmon (2pp), 1 laughing cow extra light triangle and 30g Phili light (1pp), cucumber. = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-03 20.37.28.jpg
Dinner: half portion of skinny corned beef hash (6pp) with pickled onions, beetroot, cherry tomatoes and roast carrots = 6pp

 photo 2015-06-03 16.29.04.jpg
Snack: Ilumi pea and pancetta soup (5pp) with roast pork (5pp) = 10pp

Thursday – 34pp + 2 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-04 10.59.35.jpg
 photo 2015-06-04 14.46.41.jpg
Lunch: Ilumi spicy butternut squash soup (3pp) with 2 sandwich thins (6pp) 60g ham (2pp) and 2 laughing cow light triangles (1pp) = 12pp

Dinner: (not pictured) jacket potato with tuna in light mayo (13pp)

 photo 2015-06-04 20.57.11.jpg
Snack: roast pork (3pp) with a bag of quavers (2pp) – not pictured. Egg (2pp) with half can of beans (4pp) roast butternut squash and carrots, spinach and mushrooms = 11pp

Friday – 34pp + 11 weekly pp

Breakfast: not pictured – 1/4 pot Asda fat free natural yoghurt (1pp) with fruit = 1pp

 photo 2015-06-05 13.20.40.jpg
Lunch: skinny corned beef hash (12pp) with cherry tomatoes, pickled onions and beetroot, nectarine, apple = 12pp

 photo 2015-06-05 20.24.57.jpg
Dinner: Hollands steak and kidney pudding (9pp) with roast carrots and 160g mushy peas (3pp) = 12pp

Snack: not pictured – pork steak (3pp), 2 Morrisons rice cake with milk chocolate (3pp), 2 packs French Fries (5pp), skittles (5pp) and a Dairy Milk Oat Crunch (4pp) = 20pp

Saturday – 34pp + 9 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-06 10.18.11.jpg
Breakfast: bagel thin (3pp) with an egg (2pp) light cheese slice (1pp) and 2 bacon medallions (1pp) = 7pp

 photo 2015-06-06 13.18.03.jpg
Lunch: half serving of skinny corned beef hash (6pp) with cherry tomatoes, pickled onions and beetroot, with a sandwich thin (3pp), 30g ham (1pp) and a laughing cow extra light triangle = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-06 20.36.53.jpg
 photo 2015-06-06 20.50.19.jpg
Dinner: I had a mixed kebab but as you can see from the photos above my eyes were way too big for my stomach! I guesstimated around 18pp for what I ate (which wasn’t a lot!) and the rest went to OH. = 18pp

 photo 2015-06-06 17.17.13.jpg
Snack: Nissan seafood macaroni (8pp) = 8pp

Sunday – 34pp + 13 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-07 10.54.32.jpg
Breakfast: bagel thin (3pp) with a laughing cow light triangle (1pp) = 4pp

 photo 2015-06-07 13.16.52.jpg
Lunch: skinny corned beef hash (12pp) with cucumber, pickled beetroot, nectarine = 12pp

 photo 2015-06-07 15.41.40.jpg
Snack: 1/4 pot Asda fat free natural yoghurt (1pp) with fruit

 photo 2015-06-07 20.59.48.jpg
Dinner: with my work colleagues – bowl of white rice, stir fried pak choi, aubergine stew, steamed fish, braised pork belly, fried pangasius, hot boiled lamb, cumin lamb, fried beancurd and beancurd vermicelli chinese leaf stew. Guesstimate = 30pp

Monday – 34pp + 1 weekly pp

 photo 2015-06-08 12.49.15.jpg
Lunch: bagel thin (3pp) with 60g smoked salmon (2pp) 30g Phili light (1pp), packet of French Fries (2pp) and 300g can of Heinz tomato soup (5pp) = 13pp

 photo 2015-06-08 17.14.32.jpg
Snack: smoothie of spinach, strawberries, banana, frozen melon with a Asda Smart Price caramel wafer bar (2pp) = 2pp

Dinner: with a friend at Sukhothai. Had tom yum soup and massaman curry with jasmine rice. Guesstimate = 20pp

Until next time.. x

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