Food Shop & Meal Plan 03.07.17

Hi guys,

As promised, here is my food shop and meal plan for the upcoming week. If you read my update post, you’ll know that I’m preparing myself for a sharp drop in income so I will be curbing my spending and eating more at home.

To prepare for my food shop, I went online to both Asda (as my flatmate has 10% discount) and Aldi (where I live, they are around the corner from each other and only a 5 minute drive from me) to see what special offers there were on meat and vegetables. I then decided which meats I wanted to use and compared them to each other to make sure I was getting the best price. My aim for the shop was £25.

 photo CB6A0DCF-2E2B-4577-A9E2-8F0BF09E0939.jpg

Frozen items: mixed shredded cabbage (£1) and broccoli & cauliflower (£1.25) from Asda

 photo B98558B2-05AF-445D-AB2A-45D2D6B1D8DB.jpg

Meat: a kilo of chicken drumsticks (£1.89), smoked gammon joint (£2.65) and a half leg of lamb (£7.76) from Aldi

 photo FE794088-E918-4DB8-A117-BD2EE35B69B2.jpg

Fresh items: Charlotte potatoes (95p), 4 baking potatoes (85p), a watermelon (£1.99) from Aldi and semi skimmed milk (75p), 1kg carrots (45p), celery (55p), strawberries (£1) and courgettes (95p) from Asda

 photo AF9ABEB3-D939-475F-A7D8-7368BE85F43E.jpg

Cupboard items: sugar free tropical blast drink (42p), diet lemonade (19p) from Aldi and mint sauce (83p), bread flour (79p) and mini wraps (75p) from Asda.

In total, I spent £16.68 at Aldi and £7.49 (after discount) at Asda, giving me a grand total of £24.17. I had also planned to get some cherries from Aldi but they were sold out. I still have some avocados, a couple of carrots & potatoes, some smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes from last week’s shop so they will be used up in the next couple of days. I could have been even more under target if I didn’t choose lamb but I have a bad roast dinner craving and I can use the leftovers in sandwiches and whatnot in the week. I can pick up some eggs and rice for free so I will probably top up these at some point too.

Meal Plan

I no longer assign meals to days as I’ve found I’m less likely to follow the meal plan if it’s too rigid! Therefore, breakfasts on my list consist of avocado toast with eggs and tomatoes, granola/cereal with milk or beans on toast with a veggie.

Lunches and dinners will be a mix of: gammon and vegetable soup, gammon steak with potatoes & vegetables, roast chicken dinner, roast lamb dinner, lamb/chicken sandwiches, lamb/chicken stir fry with rice.

So, until next time.. x

Food Shop – Asda – 01.02.16

Hi guys,

As promised (albeit a little late! Sorry!) here’s my food shop. Went a little off the shopping list and got a few bits which added up.. Ah well. I was running on no sleep and absolutely starving!

2016-02-02 07.56.51

Fresh items: Cathedral City lighter, honey roast ham, jalapeño humous, unsmoked lean diced bacon, continental meat selection, smoked salmon (not pictured) and semi skimmed milk.

2016-02-02 08.00.19

Dry items: chicken stock pots, worcestershire sauce, light sandwich speed, Red’s BBQ rub, lean corned beef, garlic granules, 9pk wholemeal sandwich thins, pickled onions and pickled beetroot.

2016-02-02 08.02.01

Vegetables: carrots, new potatoes, mushrooms, sprouts and frozen peas (not pictured).

I’ve subsequently lost the receipt (this is what happens when you have no sleep and put things away for “safe keeping”) but my total was just a smidge over £28.

Until next time.. x

Grocery Shop – 20.01.16

Hi guys,

As promised, here is my grocery shop for the week. I still have some bits and pieces from the week before so it isn’t a great massive shop.

2016-01-21 00.07.08
Dry things: Tilda wholegrain basmati & quinoa microwave rice, Tilda wholegrain basmati microwave rice, Tetley tropical green tea, Tetley mango and passion fruit green tea, Ryvita Mediterranean herb crisp bread and Asda’s milk chocolate rice cake thins.

2016-01-21 00.08.33
Fresh things: cherry tomatoes, Laughing Cow light triangles, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, 2x mini fruit platter.

Total: £15.97 – not too bad. I was in and out of Asda within 15-20 minutes which is quite rare for me! I’ll be posting my meal plan in the next couple of days – I’m having a horrible time remembering to take photos of my food so there won’t be a food round up quite yet!

Until next time.. x

Food Shopping – 14.06.15 – Tesco & Veg Box

Hi guys,

Sorry this post is a little late! Life has somehow got in the way.

Something a little different this week. I went to Tesco for my food shop as there were some Tesco-only bits I wanted to get and I decided to order a fruit and veg box from Brown’s the Greengrocer who a lot of people local to me have been raving about. I have to admit the stuff I got was really fresh and good quality (although slightly different from what I anticipated) and there was so much of it!

 photo 2015-06-15 17.00.37.jpg
Fruit & Veg Box: broccoli, cauliflower, leek, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, bag of peas in the pod, apples, cherries, satsumas, donut peaches, bananas, onions, potatoes, spring onion, plums, radishes, honeydew melon, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, celery and summer cabbage

 photo 2015-06-14 16.14.54.jpg
Tesco: Kingmill burger thins, Tesco tortilla chips, melba thins, 50% less fat grated cheddar, Tesco tomato soup, variety popcorn, dairylea dunkers jumbo tubes, light cheese slices, mushy peas, tex mex dip, spinach, mushrooms, honey roast wafer ham and frozen fruit salad.

I went a little over my budget due to the “treats” I saw in Tescos and a random hankering for nachos and dip (should have eaten before I went!).

Veg box: £15, Tesco: £18.33. Total: £33.33

Until next time.. x

Food Shopping – 08.06.15 – Asda

Hi guys,

Another budget food shop for you 🙂 I went to Asda this week for a quick shop. I was searching for some low point snacks and several posts about how some of the Asda Smartprice range were around 2pp and pretty cheap so win win all round (as long as it tastes good!)

 photo 2015-06-08 16.39.40.jpg
Fruit and veg: 2 punnets of strawberries, mushrooms, 2 packs of carrots, pears, clementines, apples, new potatoes, 2 punnets of cherry tomatoes, a bunch of bananas, punnet of nectarines and a bag of spinach

 photo 2015-06-08 16.43.51.jpg
Everything else: Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (half pot 1pp), Dairylea light cheese slices (1pp each), Laughing Cow extra light triangles (3 for 1pp), wafer thin ham (30g for 1pp), bagel thins (3pp each), sandwich thins (3pp), Smartprice caramel wafers (2pp each), 15 eggs (2pp each) and Smartprice baked crisps (2pp each).

Total: £23.82

I think I’m getting the hang of this budgeting malarkey. Putting my list through the website first definitely helps as I make a note of prices so I don’t pick the wrong item or go too crazy.

Anyhow, I hope someone out there found this useful. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment.

Until next time.. x

WW Food Shop – Asda 01.06.15

Hi guys,

Not a massive food shop this week as I’m trying to stick to budget. One thing to try and make sure I was under budget this week, I put all my items through the online groceries bit so I had a vague idea of roughly how much I was going to spend and I came in under budget 🙂

 photo 2015-06-01 07.51.40.jpg
Fruit and veg: a bunch of celery, 2 punnets of nectarines, 2 punnets of strawberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, bananas and spinach

 photo 2015-06-01 07.54.22.jpg
Everything else: a small skimmed milk, 2 pots of fat free natural yoghurt, a can of Heinz tomato soup (300g – 5pp), laughing cow extra light triangles, laughing cow light triangles (only had 1 pack of extra light), a pack of turkey mince, 2 packs of bacon, some smoked salmon trimmings, bagel thins and sandwich thins.

Total: £21.84

I also popped to Tesco for 3 packs of frozen fruit salad and frozen butternut squash = £4.70

Overall total: £26.54 

So under budget this week. Hopefully will manage to keep away from any further spending this week.

Until next time.. x

Food Shop – 26.05.15

Hi guys,

As promised, here’s my food shop from last night. I was a tad over budget (I bought a few things for next week – not sure why!) so I decided I’m going to alter my meals a bit for this week. Instead of KFC on Friday, I’m just going to replicate Monday’s treat dinner so I don’t have to spend any more money this week 🙂 and I forgot to freeze my curry so I’m just using some other stuff I have on hand for a couple of lunches instead.

2015-05-26 21.20.01

Fruit and veg: clementines, mushrooms, 2x strawberries, gala apples, carrots, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, honey dew melon and nectarines

2015-05-26 21.25.56

Everything else: French Fries multipack (2pp/pack), tin of sliced peaches in juice, tin of fruit salad in juice, wafer thin honey roast ham (1pp for 35g), 2x mini cravings cheese (0pp for 1, 1pp for 2 or 3), laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp each), 2x lean corned beef (10pp/tin), pack of 3 houmous stackers (3pp for 35g) crumpets (3pp each or 5pp for two), bacon medallions (1pp each), brown sandwich thins (3pp each), bagel thins (3pp each), Ryvita original (1pp each), mini meringue nests (3 for 1pp), 2x Dairy Milk Oat Crunch (4pp/bar) and Morrisons milk chocolate rice slices (1pp each).

I also bought a pack of frozen peas (2pp for 80g), frozen mediterranean vegetables (aubergine, courgettes and peppers – 0pp) and a pack of 2 Chicago Town deep dish four cheese pizzas (12pp each) which I forgot to photograph as they were defrosting pretty quick when I got home! My total was £42.50 which would have hit my target if I didn’t buy so much cheese or the corned beef or any of the treats >.<

Anyway, it’s still quite a bit less than normal and I shall refrain from any “top up” shops throughout the week!

Until next time.. x

Food Budgeting

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well after the Bank Holiday and rearing to go – I definitely am!

I spent the day in Knaresborough (near Harrogate) with my family without the OH and we had a lovely day. We did plenty of walking (which was good as I had overindulged a little the night before) and the views are absolutely stunning. I will definitely have to go back and have a good wander and row on the river next time!

Anyhow, I’d forgotten my love for outdoor activities and I have to admit Knaresborough is hilly! I was a bit out of puff whilst climbing a million and one stairs and it’s made me more determined to get my act together. I know I keep saying that but I don’t want to spend anymore of my twenties not feeling confident in myself. With all the issues me and OH have been having with his severe depression, I know I need to be there for him, but I need to make sure I’m doing the best possible for myself too.

This leads on to my blog post today on food budgeting. As me and OH are a bit shaky at the moment, my sister and I have decided to buy a house together next year (with OH living with us). We have a good chunk of deposit between us, but I want to make sure I have a decent amount with some left over for any unexpected stuff. As I live in my Dad’s house in return for managing his tenants and all the rental stuff, I don’t really have much outgoings if I strip away all the non-essentials. So, I am kind of hoping to put away a decent amount in the next few months as my sister’s lease isn’t up until January so we have a bit of time to save. I’m hoping to put away £1K a month for the foreseeable future anyway.

One place which I do spend quite a lot on is my food budget. Even I have to admit that sometimes I just buy things for the sake of it. So much food goes to waste if I’m not focussed on what I actually need (even with a shopping list!) and I just don’t limit myself, which I think may be why I have little willpower at home with all the junk food surrounding me! I am hoping to bring down my food budget by half as I’m no longer responsible for OH’s food. So I will be looking at £30 a week/£130 a month. I have so much food in the cupboards and freezer so I need to run this down as well. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to label some of the meats I received before putting it into the freezer so it might be pot luck when it comes to defrosting things to use the next day.

I think the only thing I will struggle with is probably fruit and veg. Sometimes I go a little crazy as it’s all “healthy” and just grab everything. I’m definitely going to try and be a little more calm and collected. I have my list ready for the shop tonight and there doesn’t seem to be that much on it but I do think I spent around £60 last week on various things so there’s a lot leftover. I will definitely have a post for you in regards to my food shop tomorrow.

Until next time.. x

Food Shopping – Asda – 23rd February

Hi guys,

This post is a bit late and without photos but better late than never, right?

Fruit & veg: 2 bunches of celery, a punnet of peaches, nectarines, leeks, grapes, honeydew melon, 2 punnets of strawberries, clementines, carrots, a grapefruit, pears, fine beans, mangetout, spinach, basil, chives, red pepper and passion fruit.

Other: 2 packs of 5% beef mince, almond milk, roast peppers in brine, chickpeas, mackerel in spicy tomato sauce, WW cumberland sausages, frozen black forest fruit mix, quark, cottage cheese, fromage frais and a loaf Kingsmill Great White.

Total came to £53.41.

I’ve tried the houmous recipe on the SW website and it’s not for me which I’m a bit upset about as I was looking forward to a syn free dip! I might just stick to synning the shop bought stuff. Similar views on the leek and potato soup but it’s more edible than the houmous!

I’ve not been totally following my meal plan either but it’s been nice to spend some quality time with my sisters and trying to throw myself back in college life. The past few days have been getting better and I’m taking some time off next week just to catch up on some rest and organise my life a bit more so hopefully I can get back into the blogging swing of things 🙂

Until next time.. x

Meal Plan & Food Shop – Asda 2nd Feb

Hi guys,

Just a really quick one whilst I’m taking a break from ratios and group accounts! Meal plan is as follows:

Tuesday – EE
Breakfast: 30g granola (HEB) with 250ml semi skimmed milk (HEA) with strawberries (s) and melon (s)
Lunch: mushroom (s) and spinach (s) risotto
College: jacket with cheese (6 syns) and beans
Dinner: carrot (s) and coriander soup

Wednesday – SP
Breakfast: mackerel in spicy tomato sauce with scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes (s) with 2 slices of 400g wholemeal toast (HEB)
Lunch: carrot (s) and coriander soup with a wholemeal bread roll (HEB)
Dinner: soy salmon stir fry

Thursday – EE
Breakfast: 30g granola (HEB) with 250ml semi skimmed milk (HEA) with strawberries (s) and melon (s)
Lunch: soy salmon stir fry
College: jacket with cheese (6 syns) and beans
Dinner: carrot (s) and coriander soup

Friday – SP
Breakfast: breakfast muffins with cheese (HEA) and clementines (s)
Lunch: soy salmon stir fry
Dinner: steak with broccoli (s), roasted carrots (s)

Saturday – EE
Breakfast: breakfast muffins with cheese (HEA) and clementines (s)
Lunch: pulled chicken with a wholemeal bread roll (HEB)
Dinner: mushroom (s) and spinach (s) risotto

Sunday – SP
Breakfast: 30g granola (HEB) with 250ml semi skimmed milk (HEA) with strawberries (s) and peach (s)
Lunch: mackerel, tomatoes (s) and courgette (s) spaghetti
Dinner: 4 ryvita (HEB), 4 extra light laughing cow triangles (4 syns) with ham and cherry tomatoes (s)

Monday – EE
Breakfast: vegetable omelette
Lunch: butternut squash soup
Dinner: possibly dinner out

Weekly Shop

As I was swamped with revision, OH kindly did the food shop for me so I don’t have any photos to show you this week. It’s actually better when he goes as he sticks a lot more firmly to the list than I do – I’m so easily swayed!

Fruit and veg: clementines, butternut squash, oranges, mandarins, peaches, plums, cherry tomatoes, celery, strawberries, mushrooms, tenderstem broccoli, stir fry mix, carrots, coriander.

Others: baked beans, eggs, mackerel fillets, wholemeal bread, ham

Total: £35.05

Until next time.. x