Food Shopping – 14.06.15 – Tesco & Veg Box

Hi guys,

Sorry this post is a little late! Life has somehow got in the way.

Something a little different this week. I went to Tesco for my food shop as there were some Tesco-only bits I wanted to get and I decided to order a fruit and veg box from Brown’s the Greengrocer who a lot of people local to me have been raving about. I have to admit the stuff I got was really fresh and good quality (although slightly different from what I anticipated) and there was so much of it!

 photo 2015-06-15 17.00.37.jpg
Fruit & Veg Box: broccoli, cauliflower, leek, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, bag of peas in the pod, apples, cherries, satsumas, donut peaches, bananas, onions, potatoes, spring onion, plums, radishes, honeydew melon, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, celery and summer cabbage

 photo 2015-06-14 16.14.54.jpg
Tesco: Kingmill burger thins, Tesco tortilla chips, melba thins, 50% less fat grated cheddar, Tesco tomato soup, variety popcorn, dairylea dunkers jumbo tubes, light cheese slices, mushy peas, tex mex dip, spinach, mushrooms, honey roast wafer ham and frozen fruit salad.

I went a little over my budget due to the “treats” I saw in Tescos and a random hankering for nachos and dip (should have eaten before I went!).

Veg box: £15, Tesco: £18.33. Total: £33.33

Until next time.. x

WW Food Shop – Asda 01.06.15

Hi guys,

Not a massive food shop this week as I’m trying to stick to budget. One thing to try and make sure I was under budget this week, I put all my items through the online groceries bit so I had a vague idea of roughly how much I was going to spend and I came in under budget 🙂

 photo 2015-06-01 07.51.40.jpg
Fruit and veg: a bunch of celery, 2 punnets of nectarines, 2 punnets of strawberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, bananas and spinach

 photo 2015-06-01 07.54.22.jpg
Everything else: a small skimmed milk, 2 pots of fat free natural yoghurt, a can of Heinz tomato soup (300g – 5pp), laughing cow extra light triangles, laughing cow light triangles (only had 1 pack of extra light), a pack of turkey mince, 2 packs of bacon, some smoked salmon trimmings, bagel thins and sandwich thins.

Total: £21.84

I also popped to Tesco for 3 packs of frozen fruit salad and frozen butternut squash = £4.70

Overall total: £26.54 

So under budget this week. Hopefully will manage to keep away from any further spending this week.

Until next time.. x