Weigh in Friday

Hi guys,

As you know I’ve been eating like a horse the first two-thirds of the week so it’s not a surprise I didn’t lose this week. However, the big surprise was that I didn’t gain! Who would have thought it? A maintain. Fifteen stone exactly.

So I’m here still on the precipice of fourteen stone. I really really want to get there. This weekend is a bit of a write off as I will be in Scotland with my sister who eats every two hours (she’s a growing child) and so as much as I will try not to cave in, I will (try) and set an example of healthy eating instead. (I may regret this when it comes to my food posts on Instagram in a day or so…..)

However, after said weekend I’m going to try and be 100%. I’ve not had a 100% day for a while now so I’m going to have my juices and possible small snacks of either green vegetables or lean protein (if really needed) and a small meal in the evening.

Ideally, 3lbs off next week will be very nice. On the other hand, I think I’m losing inches as my watch has started spinning round my wrist like a small catherine wheel. Next week I’ll do measurements as well and see where I am. I think the last time I measured myself was back in December so at least if it’s now showing on the scales maybe it’s showing physically.

Until next time.. x

Pre-Weigh In Thoughts

Hi guys,

Well, I will tell you now that if I have a maintain, I will be very happy with that!

Chinese New Year has just been so as is tradition, I have eaten aplenty and although my pants aren’t digging in, I definitely feel a little more rotund than usual! I’ve been back on the wagon since Wednesday but not much damage control there I’m afraid!

I start my juice diet today and hopefully day 1 won’t be too bad. I’ve decided to make it similar to step 2 on Cambridge so I will be doing my juices and a small meal in the evening.

(Un)fortunately back in November, I booked a trip to Stirling for this weekend so I’m not sure how it’s going to work! I think there will be a couple more meals here and there during the Sunday and Monday I’m away (plus snacks for the 4 hour drive!) but then I’ll be back on track.

Target for this week: maintain.
Target for next week: -1lb

Until tomorrow guys.. x

Future Plans

Hi guys,

Just a quick one today as I want to explain the change in types of posts in the next couple of months.

My plan is from Thursday I will be doing a juice diet for a week to prepare me for going back onto Cambridge. As much as I have enjoyed my food and still losing weight, my work schedule is going to be more crazy than usual so not having to think through meal planning and meal prep will be one less thing to worry about! Having the meal replacement will just be extra speedy for me and hopefully help me get the pounds off a teeny bit faster.

I’m going on holiday just after my 26th birthday in April so I would like to have lost at least a stone to a stone and a half by then. Obviously as I will be doing Cambridge, there will be less of a focus on food shops as there won’t really be many. I am expecting to go back to Step 2 which is what I was on which involves a small meal each day of protein and vegetables but nothing major apart from that.

I’ll be restarting Cambridge next Friday. I still have quite a few sachets left from last time so I won’t be getting too many I don’t think. Hopefully the juice diet will give me a good boost for Cambridge as I do find it difficult to stick to. Hopefully combined with my heavy workload and being less of an emotional wreck will help!

Posting Schedule
Monday: Food Shop
Tuesday: (Small) Meal Plan
Wednesday: Miscellaneous post
Thursday: Pre-Weigh In thoughts
Friday: Weigh In & Products bought
Saturday: What I ate last week
Sunday: Rest day

Until next time.. x

Food Diary : Mon – Wed (1st-3rd Feb ’16)

Hi guys,

I’ve been a bit all over the place with my whole documenting my food but I’ll try and fill in the gaps!


Breakfast: Mcdonalds (I know!) bacon and egg bagel with hash brown and bottled water

2016-02-01 08.09.41

Lunch: half a pack of smoked salmon trimmings with 2 Laughing Cow lighter triangles on wholemeal sandwich thins

2016-02-01 13.30.03

Dinner: salt and pepper ribs x4 (not pictured)


Breakfast: (an odd one!) lean corned beef hash with roast carrots, potatoes, sprouts, peas, pickled onions and pickled beetroot.

2016-02-02 09.07.03

Lunch: ham and light sandwich spread on wholemeal sandwich thins x2 and a Dairy Milk oat crunch.

2016-02-02 12.40.59

Snack: handful of wasabi peas (not pictured), 6 squares of Dairy Milk fruit and nut, half a container of homemade tomato soup with a Pepsi Max2016-02-02 14.19.342016-02-02 16.14.17

Dinner: half a chicken kebab – I know this week is going to pot already!


Breakfast: homemade fried rice with eggs, Chinese chives, cha siu, brown and jasmine rice and peas.

2016-02-03 11.39.05

Lunch: lean corned beef hash with roast carrots, potatoes, sprouts, peas and pickled beetroot (not pictured)

Snacks: handful of wasabi peas, three slices of dried mango and 3 squares of Dairy Milk fruit and nut (not pictured)

Dinner: Sainsbury’s bangers and mash

2016-02-03 23.17.28

So yes, not the greatest start to the week – actually it’s been pretty bad. I’m going to have to buck myself up for the rest of the week if I want to get into the next stone bracket which I really would love to do next week.

Until next time.. x

Food Shop – Asda – 01.02.16

Hi guys,

As promised (albeit a little late! Sorry!) here’s my food shop. Went a little off the shopping list and got a few bits which added up.. Ah well. I was running on no sleep and absolutely starving!

2016-02-02 07.56.51

Fresh items: Cathedral City lighter, honey roast ham, jalapeño humous, unsmoked lean diced bacon, continental meat selection, smoked salmon (not pictured) and semi skimmed milk.

2016-02-02 08.00.19

Dry items: chicken stock pots, worcestershire sauce, light sandwich speed, Red’s BBQ rub, lean corned beef, garlic granules, 9pk wholemeal sandwich thins, pickled onions and pickled beetroot.

2016-02-02 08.02.01

Vegetables: carrots, new potatoes, mushrooms, sprouts and frozen peas (not pictured).

I’ve subsequently lost the receipt (this is what happens when you have no sleep and put things away for “safe keeping”) but my total was just a smidge over £28.

Until next time.. x