About – Losing Weight

Please bear in mind I am not a professional. I will be making  mistakes which will be to my own detriment. If you try anything I do, please make sure you don’t harm yourself in any way and if in doubt, please double check with someone in the appropriate field (a doctor, psychiatrist, etc).

At the time this blog started, I was 24. I worked full time six days a week and have become depressed at how much I weigh and how unfit I am. I started at 225lbs (16 stone 1lb / 102.06kg). My ideal weight would be 130lbs (9 stone 4lbs / 58.97kg) which means a weight loss of 89lbs  (6 stone 5lbs / 40.37kg). Update 16.11.16 I’m now 26, working crazy hours and trying to cope with whatever life throws my way but I’m determined to shift this extra weight once and for all!

Hopefully this blog will document me reaching my goals. I am optimistic in losing around 2lbs a week (0.91kg) which is the rate considered healthy by the NHS. I’m no longer putting a time schedule as all I seem to be doing is watching the dates pass me by.

Well… Let’s see how this goes! Watch this space!