Day One

Hi guys,

So today was the start of something new. A brand new way of life.

I woke up feeling sick and then fell down the stairs so not a great start! Food wise, I did alright. Not perfect with a slip up or two but not too crazy.

  • Breakfast: 2 apricots, 1/2 flapjack square (103 kcals)
  • Lunch: Roast pork on a white bap with apple sauce and stuffing (bad I know!) (425 kcals)
  • Snack: Toasted olive bread with 1tsp Lurpak butter (363 kcals)
  • Dinner: Honey and soy roasted salmon and sweet potato (488 kcals)
  • Snack: 1 big chocolate button, 2 medium carrot’s worth of batons, 1/7 pot of hoummas (240 kcals)
  • Total: 1618 kcals; Carbs: 39%, Fat: 45%, Protein: 16%

It’s actually been ok. I need to be a bit prepared with meals as if I don’t, I tend to snack on whatever is near me and what with working in a supermarket, there’s a lot of unhealthy stuff out there! Think I may need to bring the protein up and fat down – we shall see how it goes!

I also had my personal fitness consultation today. My trainer is called Steph and she is just lovely. We had a chat about what I want to get out of the sessions and I was pretty happy with trying all the equipment and exercises. I did tell her that my fitness levels were pretty much at zero. We had a mini session within the consultation and I nearly died twice. I think I was extremely keen to try and keep up with the level she set which meant I had two dizzy spells. The final one was a bit scary as I think my blood sugar levels dipped and my vision went blurry which was terrifying! I think the level of exercise is way higher than I have done in so long my body was just in a state of shock.

  • Rowing machine: 500m @ level 5 resistance
  • “Arm bike”: 45s horizontal @ level 5; 30s rest @ level 2; 45s horizontal @ level 5; 30s rest @ level 2; 45s vertical @ level 5; 30s rest @ level 2; 45s vertical @ level 5; 30s rest @ level 2
  • Recumbent cycle: 5 minutes @ level 4; 1 min 30 secs @ level 2
  • Stretches

After coming home and having a nap and a bath before going to a business appointment I had, I felt much better. I have my first proper session tomorrow which I am dreading slightly as today’s “mini” session nearly killed me. However, I think Steph will try and push and motivate me as much as possible yet she was so understanding when having a break after my first dizzy spell, I did say it was hard to not be able to do as much as I know I could do previously (even though it’s been a few years since I last went to the gym properly!). I know I won’t be at that level for a while but it’s so frustrating mentally to see how far I’ve fallen!

I’m actually looking forward to seeing what other exercises I can try. I know that my body will feel so much better and my sleep will improve so I can’t wait to put in the hard work in so I can begin to reap the benefits. The possibility of just collapsing at the gym is a scary one but I’m sure Steph will be keeping an extra eye on me tomorrow and making sure I have my breaks. I think the hardest thing for her is to see where my breaking point is as when I’m on the equipment, I feel fine. It’s when I stand up is the problem! Today has definitely been a lesson in exercise don’ts.

Well, I think that’s all for today. I’ve just been finishing some bits for a friend’s website and caught up with Great British Menu (I love my food shows! Which could be part of the problem!) so I’m ready to hit the sack and see what tomorrow brings 🙂

Until next time.. x

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Day Zero

Hi guys,

So today’s the day where I decide to make a major change in my life. I want to lose all this excess weight.

It’s a decision that’s been mulling in my head for quite a while. One of the major reasons is that I have a couple of health issues which would essentially disappear should I lose the excess flab. I managed to lose around 20lbs on my own last year but to my horror and sheer laziness, I’ve pretty much piled the majority of it back on in recent months.

I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure for around six years. Yes I’m young and I shouldn’t have this, let alone for this long, but I was on the contraceptive pill which stemmed this but I haven’t yet managed to get rid of it. For my blood pressure, I take 3 medications for it daily. I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year and a half ago. It was originally diet managed but for the last six or seven months I have been on Metformin to keep my blood sugar levels down.

The main reason why I want to lose the weight is because I have lost confidence in myself. I have always been the “big one” in my family. My parents and sisters are all skinny minnies; eating whatever they want and how much they want without seeing any weight gain. It’s never really bothered me until recently and I saw some photos of myself at Christmas a couple of years ago. I just looked so huge. Since then, I’ve avoided photos like the plague. Another thing is that I no longer feel comfortable around my other half. We’ve been together for nearly five years and lived together for four. I think he’s noticed how unhappy I am with myself and he’s not quite sure how to deal with it. I’m just bummed out because he shouldn’t have to and I know that all he wants is for me to be happy.

So I’m taking the first steps. In previous diets, spurts of exercise, I eventually lack all motivation so from tomorrow, I’m off to the gym (which I’ve been a member of for about 3 months now) and I’m going to see a personal trainer for the initial consultation. I’m hoping they will keep me on track with all the exercising and I will be tracking my meals with MyFitnessPal (which I love; when I remember to fill it in!).

Initial measurements:

  • Weight: 219lbs
  • Bust: 46 in
  • Waist: 42 in
  • Hips: 43 in

Well, until tomorrow then, I guess! Until then.. x

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