Budget Update – October 2016

Hi guys,

So this budgeting malarkey has gone out of the window a bit with me working so much! Plus, I have been staying away from home 2 nights of the week, meaning my expenses have risen (especially as it’s a Friday/Saturday night) but in my eyes, it’s worth it to save the two hour daily commute after a 12-14 hour shift.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, food has been a bit willy nilly to be honest. I haven’t been able to do a proper food shop and so there have been a few takeaways here and there and a few meals out when I’ve had a couple of hours to spend time with friends and family.

I have managed to keep to my extra pension payments and my existing savings so far. I haven’t yet made any additional payments apart from opening another regular saver with Nationwide (5% – £100/month).

I have been making a few advanced payments for my workplace and not yet claimed them back. We’ve needed decorations for our Halloween weekend promotion and for some extra odds and ends plus a couple of Booker runs. I’ll probably get this back at the end of the month.

OH and I are thinking of planning a London trip when I go for a conference in May so I’m going to start thinking of saving up for hotels and spending money for the non-conference days. I’m still contemplating where I would like to travel next year – I’m still thinking I want to visit Canada but I think I might like to go this time next year. Either way the travel savings account needs bumping up in the mean time!

November Goals:
– Re-work the budget and regularly log expenses
– Start thinking about Christmas gifts – plan Black Friday (online only)
– Start saving an additional £150/month for house deposit
– Start saving an additional £150/month for travelling
– Stick to 3 solid healthy meals a day
– Drink more water and cut down on fizzy drinks

I think that’s it for this month. Hopefully I’ll have a better update for you next month!

Until next time.. x


Health Update – October 2016

Hi guys,

Sorry for the standstill in posts. I’ve been working my butt off (unfortunately at work rather than at the gym) and barely had a minute to myself.

Today I thought I’d give an update on my health situation, especially as I am due a hospital appointment early next month. My weight has been pretty steady the past two months, despite the eating of junk/restaurant food when I’ve been working 12-14 hour shifts so I’m guessing being on my feet for most of that time has put it on an even keel. The diabetes nurse I saw in August said my weight has dropped since I last saw her about 15 months ago – I think I was about 15st 8lb and now I’m around 15st.

My blood pressure is good but unfortunately due to the aforementioned bad eating, my blood sugars have gone up despite the good news everywhere else. So she has upped my Metformin to two tablets twice a day and after speaking to a specialist at the hospital, she has also prescribed my gliclazide tablets. Unfortunately this and a blood glucose monitor was prescribed to me over the phone so then I had to wait for another appointment to actually show me how to use it and the side effects as I have to ensure that my bloods don’t fall below 5 or I’m not able to drive.

So, I have been trying to remember to take them. On days where I work my second job, I find this a lot harder as I’m forever running about and next thing I know it’s bedtime so trying not to be patchy so when I go for my appointment next month, they don’t try and prescribe me more medication as they don’t see an improvement because I’ve been too busy to make sure I’m caring for myself. Yes, I know it takes a few minutes but I suck at it for some reason.

Hopefully it won’t be too much bad news when I go and see the specialist at the hospital. I’m going to try and kick start my healthy eating (starting with trying to stick to 3 meals a day rather than 1 humungous meal just before bed) and drinking lots of water. Two basic goals I’ve really been struggling with but it needs to be done. The amount of tablets I take is actually quite worrying and forgetting to take them isn’t going to help decrease the amount so it’s back on the wagon for me.

On another note, any handy tips for someone who doesn’t have time to food prep anymore? I work between 70-90 hours a week at the minute and barely have time for laundry, never mind a nice lie in. Any hints would be much appreciated!

Until next time.. x