Weigh In Monday – 02.03.15

Hi guys,

Went to weigh in today with my little sister who wanted to see what group was like. After my 7lbs gain last week (!) I lost 2.5lbs. It would have been better if I stuck to plan religiously but kind of failed on that front. It was nice having my sister there and we’ve made a plan for her to sleep over once a week and she can choose an SW recipe for us to cook for the first time. I have to say quite plainly that I’m not bringing her along to lose weight (as she’s only 11) but to learn about healthy eating. She seemed to really enjoy group and liked the consultant. My consultant also said she’d have more information about the Free2Go for her next week if she wants to go again.

I have a few days off this week but I think I have a fever so I spent a lot of today just resting as I haven’t been sleeping much the past few weeks. Doesn’t bode well as I wanted to get so much done this week but may or may not be on the back burner. Not done a food plan this week but I think I’ll see how much I can make from leftovers in the house as I spent quite a bit last week.

Until next time.. x