Food Diary : Mon – Wed (1st-3rd Feb ’16)

Hi guys,

I’ve been a bit all over the place with my whole documenting my food but I’ll try and fill in the gaps!


Breakfast: Mcdonalds (I know!) bacon and egg bagel with hash brown and bottled water

2016-02-01 08.09.41

Lunch: half a pack of smoked salmon trimmings with 2 Laughing Cow lighter triangles on wholemeal sandwich thins

2016-02-01 13.30.03

Dinner: salt and pepper ribs x4 (not pictured)


Breakfast: (an odd one!) lean corned beef hash with roast carrots, potatoes, sprouts, peas, pickled onions and pickled beetroot.

2016-02-02 09.07.03

Lunch: ham and light sandwich spread on wholemeal sandwich thins x2 and a Dairy Milk oat crunch.

2016-02-02 12.40.59

Snack: handful of wasabi peas (not pictured), 6 squares of Dairy Milk fruit and nut, half a container of homemade tomato soup with a Pepsi Max2016-02-02 14.19.342016-02-02 16.14.17

Dinner: half a chicken kebab – I know this week is going to pot already!


Breakfast: homemade fried rice with eggs, Chinese chives, cha siu, brown and jasmine rice and peas.

2016-02-03 11.39.05

Lunch: lean corned beef hash with roast carrots, potatoes, sprouts, peas and pickled beetroot (not pictured)

Snacks: handful of wasabi peas, three slices of dried mango and 3 squares of Dairy Milk fruit and nut (not pictured)

Dinner: Sainsbury’s bangers and mash

2016-02-03 23.17.28

So yes, not the greatest start to the week – actually it’s been pretty bad. I’m going to have to buck myself up for the rest of the week if I want to get into the next stone bracket which I really would love to do next week.

Until next time.. x

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