WW Food Shop – Asda 01.06.15

Hi guys,

Not a massive food shop this week as I’m trying to stick to budget. One thing to try and make sure I was under budget this week, I put all my items through the online groceries bit so I had a vague idea of roughly how much I was going to spend and I came in under budget 🙂

 photo 2015-06-01 07.51.40.jpg
Fruit and veg: a bunch of celery, 2 punnets of nectarines, 2 punnets of strawberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, bananas and spinach

 photo 2015-06-01 07.54.22.jpg
Everything else: a small skimmed milk, 2 pots of fat free natural yoghurt, a can of Heinz tomato soup (300g – 5pp), laughing cow extra light triangles, laughing cow light triangles (only had 1 pack of extra light), a pack of turkey mince, 2 packs of bacon, some smoked salmon trimmings, bagel thins and sandwich thins.

Total: £21.84

I also popped to Tesco for 3 packs of frozen fruit salad and frozen butternut squash = £4.70

Overall total: £26.54 

So under budget this week. Hopefully will manage to keep away from any further spending this week.

Until next time.. x

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