Food Budgeting

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well after the Bank Holiday and rearing to go – I definitely am!

I spent the day in Knaresborough (near Harrogate) with my family without the OH and we had a lovely day. We did plenty of walking (which was good as I had overindulged a little the night before) and the views are absolutely stunning. I will definitely have to go back and have a good wander and row on the river next time!

Anyhow, I’d forgotten my love for outdoor activities and I have to admit Knaresborough is hilly! I was a bit out of puff whilst climbing a million and one stairs and it’s made me more determined to get my act together. I know I keep saying that but I don’t want to spend anymore of my twenties not feeling confident in myself. With all the issues me and OH have been having with his severe depression, I know I need to be there for him, but I need to make sure I’m doing the best possible for myself too.

This leads on to my blog post today on food budgeting. As me and OH are a bit shaky at the moment, my sister and I have decided to buy a house together next year (with OH living with us). We have a good chunk of deposit between us, but I want to make sure I have a decent amount with some left over for any unexpected stuff. As I live in my Dad’s house in return for managing his tenants and all the rental stuff, I don’t really have much outgoings if I strip away all the non-essentials. So, I am kind of hoping to put away a decent amount in the next few months as my sister’s lease isn’t up until January so we have a bit of time to save. I’m hoping to put away £1K a month for the foreseeable future anyway.

One place which I do spend quite a lot on is my food budget. Even I have to admit that sometimes I just buy things for the sake of it. So much food goes to waste if I’m not focussed on what I actually need (even with a shopping list!) and I just don’t limit myself, which I think may be why I have little willpower at home with all the junk food surrounding me! I am hoping to bring down my food budget by half as I’m no longer responsible for OH’s food. So I will be looking at £30 a week/£130 a month. I have so much food in the cupboards and freezer so I need to run this down as well. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to label some of the meats I received before putting it into the freezer so it might be pot luck when it comes to defrosting things to use the next day.

I think the only thing I will struggle with is probably fruit and veg. Sometimes I go a little crazy as it’s all “healthy” and just grab everything. I’m definitely going to try and be a little more calm and collected. I have my list ready for the shop tonight and there doesn’t seem to be that much on it but I do think I spent around £60 last week on various things so there’s a lot leftover. I will definitely have a post for you in regards to my food shop tomorrow.

Until next time.. x

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