WW Food Log – Tues 26.05.15 – Mon 01.06.15 – 2lb loss

Hi guys,

So my first food log on WW – it doesn’t look particularly healthy in some places and in others I think my food portions are too big but I suppose as long as I’m under points, that’s good right? At the time of writing (a couple of days before posting) I’ve not yet weighed in but I will update at the bottom how much I lost eating what I ate.

Tuesday – 26pp

Tuesday Breakfast - 26.05.15 photo 2015-05-26 10.47.11.jpg
Breakfast: 2 egg omelette (4pp) with pea shoots, mushrooms, a light cheese slice (1pp) and cherry tomatoes = 5pp

Tuesday Lunch 26.05.15 photo 2015-05-26 13.18.42.jpg
Lunch: a plain bagel (6pp) with 60g smoked salmon (2pp) 30g Phili light (1pp) with an apple and nectarine = 9pp

 photo 2015-05-26 16.05.10.jpg
Afternoon snack: 2 raw carrots with 2 sticks of celery and 4 seafood sticks (2pp) with 30g houmous (3pp) and (not pictured) 30g Cathedral City Vintage Cheddar (3pp) = 8pp

 photo 2015-05-26 22.54.42.jpg
“Dinner”: pack of cheese and onion French Fries (2pp) and a WW bakewell slice (2pp) = 4pp

Wednesday – 32pp

 photo 2015-05-27 12.55.16.jpg
Breakfast: half a pot of Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (1pp) with half a banana, Tesco frozen fruit salad, strawberries = 1pp

 photo 2015-05-27 21.26.50.jpg
Lunch: half a pack of Tilda mushroom basmati rice (4pp) with 100g Wing On fish roll (3pp) with chinese chives, oyster sauce, soy sauce and a pack of GS needle mushroom and cabbage (2pp) with a pear = 9pp

 photo 2015-05-27 21.27.39.jpg
 photo 2015-05-27 22.11.13.jpg
 photo 2015-05-27 21.44.05.jpg
Snacks: 3 ryvita (2pp) with 3 laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp) and cherry tomatoes, a Dairy Milk Oat Crunch (4pp) and a crumpet (3pp) with a tsp of Lurpak lighter (1pp) = 11pp

 photo 2015-05-27 21.30.24.jpg
Dinner: 200g chicken (7pp) with 200g new potatoes (4pp) and roasted carrots and butternut squash with cherry tomatoes = 11pp

Thursday – 34pp

 photo 2015-05-28 11.01.54.jpg
Breakfast: 4 bacon medallions (3pp) on 2 sandwich thins (6pp) with 2tbsp ketchup (1pp) and an apple = 10pp

 photo 2015-05-28 17.42.29.jpg
Lunch: half pack of Tilda mushroom basmati rice (4pp) 100g Way On fish roll (3pp) chinese chives, soy sauce, oyster sauce, 1 tbsp sriracha chilli sauce and a nectarine = 7pp

 photo 2015-05-28 17.00.18.jpg
 photo 2015-05-28 22.34.38.jpg
Snack: half pot Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (1pp) with strawberries, half a banana, Tesco frozen fruit salad, 3 ryvita (2pp) with 3 laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp) and cherry tomatoes. (Not pictured) – 25g Satay fish snack (2pp) 3 custard creams (5pp) = 11pp

 photo 2015-05-28 21.13.02.jpg
Dinner: “Pizza” one sandwich thin (3pp) with 40g light mozzarella (2pp), 1tbsp tomato puree, 25g sun dried tomatoes (1pp) spinach, mushrooms, roasted carrots and butternut squash = 6pp

Friday – 34pp + 8 weekly points

 photo 2015-05-29 11.52.11.jpg
Breakfast: one sachet Quaker Oatsosimple golden syrup (4pp) with 180ml skimmed milk (2pp) and half a banana = 6pp

 photo 2015-05-29 13.53.52.jpg
Lunch: 2 bagel thins (6pp) with 60g wafer thin ham (2pp) 2 laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp) cherry tomatoes and cucumber with a portion of longan (dragon eyes) = 9pp

 photo 2015-05-29 16.27.04.jpg
Snack: half pot Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (1pp), half a banana, strawberries, half a can of fruit cocktail in juice (drained). Not pictured: 2 pork loin steak (10pp), Graze carrot cake (2pp) and Graze mango chutney (2pp) = 15pp

 photo 2015-05-29 22.12.01.jpg
Dinner: one Chicago Town deep dish four cheese pizza (12pp) and roasted carrots = 12pp

Saturday – 34pp + 20 weekly points

 photo 2015-05-30 11.00.27.jpg
Breakfast: half pot Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (1pp) with strawberries and half a can of fruit cocktail in juice (drained), apple, clementine, half a bagel thin (filling pointed in snack) + 1 bagel thin not pictured (5pp) 30g Phili light (1pp) = 7pp

 photo 2015-05-30 13.30.17.jpg
Lunch: 4 ryvita (2pp) 60g (2pp) with cherry tomatoes and a nectarine. Not pictured a pork steak (5pp) = 9pp

 photo 2015-05-30 21.03.19.jpg
Dinner: 90g wholewheat pasta (8pp) in chicken broth made with Oxo cube, 100g Kung Fu beef slice for hotpot (7pp), poached egg (2pp) and chinese leaves = 17pp

 photo 2015-05-30 16.57.30.jpg
Snacks: one and a half bagel thins (5pp) 60g wafer thin ham (2pp) 30g tomato houmous (2pp), plum. Not pictured: salt and vinegar French Fries (2pp), a Jacob’s jam and cream biscuit (2pp), half a slice of OH’s pizza (3pp), 2 wings (3pp) and three potato wedges (2pp) = 21pp

Sunday – 34pp + 6 weekly points

 photo 2015-05-31 12.57.30.jpg
Brunch: one sandwich thin (3pp) one bagel thin (3pp) 2 eggs (4pp) 4 bacon medallions (3pp) and 2 light cheese slices (2pp) = 15pp

 photo 2015-05-31 20.57.44.jpg
Dinner: 3 skinless chicken drumsticks (5pp) 100g sweet potatoes (3pp) roasted carrots and courgette with a Pepsi Max = 8pp

 photo 2015-05-31 21.09.40.jpg
 photo 2015-05-31 17.48.11.jpg
Snacks: a Dairy Milk Oat Crunch (4pp) cheese and onion French Fries (2pp) a WW bakewell slice (2pp) 2 crumpets (5pp) with 15g Nutella (2pp) and 10g Lurpak lighter (2pp) = 17pp

Monday – 34pp + 13 weekly points
**I ended up going a little crazy with food. I hadn’t slept at all on Monday and so I think my appetite increased plus I had an unexpected blood test where they couldn’t find my vein so I think I was a little traumatised**

 photo 2015-06-01 06.52.33.jpg
Breakfast: 4 bacon medallions (3pp) on 2 sandwich thins (6pp) with 3tbsp ketchup (1pp) = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-01 13.55.53.jpg
Lunch: a can of mackerel in spicy tomato sauce (6pp) with 2 eggs (4pp) and cherry tomatoes = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-01 08.06.48.jpg
Snack: a shake made from strawberries, frozen banana, spinach, frozen berries, 1tsp chia seeds (2pp), 2tbsp porridge oats (1pp). Not pictured: 2 bags French Fries (5pp), a packet of Pop Chips (3pp) = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-01 21.23.03.jpg
Dinner: Chicago Town deep dish four cheese pizza (12pp), 1/4 serving of Corned Beef Hash (3pp) and 1/4 can of Heinz Tuscan Beanz (2pp) – more beans pictured but I didn’t really like them so only ate half! = 17pp

Yeah, so I think I went a little overboard in the last few days – particularly on Saturday. I did extra exercise and I think that contributed to me eating like a horse. Looking back it seems a bit ridiculous! Plus I ate four lots of pizza (1 healthified, the others not) which seems a bit much. I’ll see how I do during weigh in as looking at what I ate, makes me think I will have probably have gained!

EDIT: Lost 2lb this week. Although I think maybe I was lucky – I’m going to lay off the pizza this week!

Until next time.. x

Weigh In Tuesday – 02.05.15

Hi guys,

So after much thought I decided I wasn’t too keen on the meetings I’ve been to and what with trying to save money for a house deposit, I’ve decided to switch to just e-source and weigh in at home. Monthly pass costs £21.45/month and e-source is £15 for 3 months and as I feel that’s pretty much the more important part I need, it’ll be better for me as well as saving me around £16 a month.

Anyhow, I weighed in today at 15 stone 8lbs! A loss of 2lbs. Considering that consisted of a lot of pizza, I’m pretty happy with that. Going to try and not have so much junk and carbs this week though…

Until next time.. x

Return to Blogging/Change of Plan

Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone’s around to carry on reading posts, but I’m here! Sorry for the prolonged absence. As you know I was going through a very difficult few months and I just felt totally overwhelmed. Unfortunately, something had to give, and that just happened to be blogging and generally looking after myself. So, I am kind of fresh back from my holidays, where I ate a lot of food. Fortunately I didn’t put any weight on (it was Florida after all!). Unfortunately I put a bunch of weight on before I went.

So, I’m back, ready to get back into it. I have decided to have a little change though. I decided to join Weightwatchers as I kept going off the rails a bit with Slimming World and thought I could do with a bit more structure to kick myself back into gear. I have to admit that I didn’t have great first impressions at group and the first week was a big mess. This week has been exam week and so I’ve not been counting (Daily PPs: 34, Weekly: 49) but doing WW’s version of SW – filling and healthy. Though I did have a moment the day before the exam and went to Mcdonalds >.< Well, Rome wasn't built in a day I suppose.

I weighed in on 11th May at 15 stone 12lbs. My last weigh in was 18th May and I lost 2lbs (though I had only really been counting for about 3 days due to a massive feck up online). This week isn't boding too well at the moment but my exam was yesterday and I'm going to make sure the rest of this week is up to scratch.

Although I'll be following WW for the foreseeable future (unless something goes horribly wrong or I just decide to go back to SW), I hope you'll carry on following my journey. I will be blogging my food once again and hopefully will be able to squeeze a few shopping posts in. At the end of the day, I feel that WW and SW are fairly similar in that they both advocate healthy eating and so far, it just seems (in my eyes) that WW is more controlled in regards to portion size and at this moment in time, I think that's what I need. I'm sure my food will still largely resemble a SW diet so hopefully you'll get some inspiration and just double check it's SW friendly 🙂

OK, so I think that's all for now.

Until next time.. x