What I Ate – 19.08.16

Hi guys,

A late what I ate in a day due to my crazy schedule – apologies!

 photo 2016-08-19 09.50.30.jpg
Breakfast was some dry curiously cinnamon cereal (trying to clear out the cupboards a bit!) with a ham sandwich.

 photo f09865d4-d0b8-4be4-a19b-140eef8e165d.jpg
Lunch was half of this stewed aubergine dish and white rice (shared it with my sister) and a clementine.

 photo 2016-08-19 19.28.23.jpg
Sorry for the dodgy lighting! Snack was this ham salad from Asda and a flat peach (not pictured) as I was having dinner made by my ex and he wasn’t home until quite late.

 photo 2016-08-19 22.16.33.jpg
Dinner was nachos with jalapeños, salsa and cheese. I ate about a quarter of this and was absolutely stuffed!

So overall, not really a fantastic day. Will definitely strive to do better in my next What I Ate post! I’m really struggling to find a balance of healthy eating and working 70-80 work weeks at the moment. If you have any tips, please leave them below!

Until next time.. x

WW Food Log – Tues 26.05.15 – Mon 01.06.15 – 2lb loss

Hi guys,

So my first food log on WW – it doesn’t look particularly healthy in some places and in others I think my food portions are too big but I suppose as long as I’m under points, that’s good right? At the time of writing (a couple of days before posting) I’ve not yet weighed in but I will update at the bottom how much I lost eating what I ate.

Tuesday – 26pp

Tuesday Breakfast - 26.05.15 photo 2015-05-26 10.47.11.jpg
Breakfast: 2 egg omelette (4pp) with pea shoots, mushrooms, a light cheese slice (1pp) and cherry tomatoes = 5pp

Tuesday Lunch 26.05.15 photo 2015-05-26 13.18.42.jpg
Lunch: a plain bagel (6pp) with 60g smoked salmon (2pp) 30g Phili light (1pp) with an apple and nectarine = 9pp

 photo 2015-05-26 16.05.10.jpg
Afternoon snack: 2 raw carrots with 2 sticks of celery and 4 seafood sticks (2pp) with 30g houmous (3pp) and (not pictured) 30g Cathedral City Vintage Cheddar (3pp) = 8pp

 photo 2015-05-26 22.54.42.jpg
“Dinner”: pack of cheese and onion French Fries (2pp) and a WW bakewell slice (2pp) = 4pp

Wednesday – 32pp

 photo 2015-05-27 12.55.16.jpg
Breakfast: half a pot of Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (1pp) with half a banana, Tesco frozen fruit salad, strawberries = 1pp

 photo 2015-05-27 21.26.50.jpg
Lunch: half a pack of Tilda mushroom basmati rice (4pp) with 100g Wing On fish roll (3pp) with chinese chives, oyster sauce, soy sauce and a pack of GS needle mushroom and cabbage (2pp) with a pear = 9pp

 photo 2015-05-27 21.27.39.jpg
 photo 2015-05-27 22.11.13.jpg
 photo 2015-05-27 21.44.05.jpg
Snacks: 3 ryvita (2pp) with 3 laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp) and cherry tomatoes, a Dairy Milk Oat Crunch (4pp) and a crumpet (3pp) with a tsp of Lurpak lighter (1pp) = 11pp

 photo 2015-05-27 21.30.24.jpg
Dinner: 200g chicken (7pp) with 200g new potatoes (4pp) and roasted carrots and butternut squash with cherry tomatoes = 11pp

Thursday – 34pp

 photo 2015-05-28 11.01.54.jpg
Breakfast: 4 bacon medallions (3pp) on 2 sandwich thins (6pp) with 2tbsp ketchup (1pp) and an apple = 10pp

 photo 2015-05-28 17.42.29.jpg
Lunch: half pack of Tilda mushroom basmati rice (4pp) 100g Way On fish roll (3pp) chinese chives, soy sauce, oyster sauce, 1 tbsp sriracha chilli sauce and a nectarine = 7pp

 photo 2015-05-28 17.00.18.jpg
 photo 2015-05-28 22.34.38.jpg
Snack: half pot Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (1pp) with strawberries, half a banana, Tesco frozen fruit salad, 3 ryvita (2pp) with 3 laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp) and cherry tomatoes. (Not pictured) – 25g Satay fish snack (2pp) 3 custard creams (5pp) = 11pp

 photo 2015-05-28 21.13.02.jpg
Dinner: “Pizza” one sandwich thin (3pp) with 40g light mozzarella (2pp), 1tbsp tomato puree, 25g sun dried tomatoes (1pp) spinach, mushrooms, roasted carrots and butternut squash = 6pp

Friday – 34pp + 8 weekly points

 photo 2015-05-29 11.52.11.jpg
Breakfast: one sachet Quaker Oatsosimple golden syrup (4pp) with 180ml skimmed milk (2pp) and half a banana = 6pp

 photo 2015-05-29 13.53.52.jpg
Lunch: 2 bagel thins (6pp) with 60g wafer thin ham (2pp) 2 laughing cow extra light triangles (1pp) cherry tomatoes and cucumber with a portion of longan (dragon eyes) = 9pp

 photo 2015-05-29 16.27.04.jpg
Snack: half pot Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (1pp), half a banana, strawberries, half a can of fruit cocktail in juice (drained). Not pictured: 2 pork loin steak (10pp), Graze carrot cake (2pp) and Graze mango chutney (2pp) = 15pp

 photo 2015-05-29 22.12.01.jpg
Dinner: one Chicago Town deep dish four cheese pizza (12pp) and roasted carrots = 12pp

Saturday – 34pp + 20 weekly points

 photo 2015-05-30 11.00.27.jpg
Breakfast: half pot Yeo Valley 0% natural yoghurt (1pp) with strawberries and half a can of fruit cocktail in juice (drained), apple, clementine, half a bagel thin (filling pointed in snack) + 1 bagel thin not pictured (5pp) 30g Phili light (1pp) = 7pp

 photo 2015-05-30 13.30.17.jpg
Lunch: 4 ryvita (2pp) 60g (2pp) with cherry tomatoes and a nectarine. Not pictured a pork steak (5pp) = 9pp

 photo 2015-05-30 21.03.19.jpg
Dinner: 90g wholewheat pasta (8pp) in chicken broth made with Oxo cube, 100g Kung Fu beef slice for hotpot (7pp), poached egg (2pp) and chinese leaves = 17pp

 photo 2015-05-30 16.57.30.jpg
Snacks: one and a half bagel thins (5pp) 60g wafer thin ham (2pp) 30g tomato houmous (2pp), plum. Not pictured: salt and vinegar French Fries (2pp), a Jacob’s jam and cream biscuit (2pp), half a slice of OH’s pizza (3pp), 2 wings (3pp) and three potato wedges (2pp) = 21pp

Sunday – 34pp + 6 weekly points

 photo 2015-05-31 12.57.30.jpg
Brunch: one sandwich thin (3pp) one bagel thin (3pp) 2 eggs (4pp) 4 bacon medallions (3pp) and 2 light cheese slices (2pp) = 15pp

 photo 2015-05-31 20.57.44.jpg
Dinner: 3 skinless chicken drumsticks (5pp) 100g sweet potatoes (3pp) roasted carrots and courgette with a Pepsi Max = 8pp

 photo 2015-05-31 21.09.40.jpg
 photo 2015-05-31 17.48.11.jpg
Snacks: a Dairy Milk Oat Crunch (4pp) cheese and onion French Fries (2pp) a WW bakewell slice (2pp) 2 crumpets (5pp) with 15g Nutella (2pp) and 10g Lurpak lighter (2pp) = 17pp

Monday – 34pp + 13 weekly points
**I ended up going a little crazy with food. I hadn’t slept at all on Monday and so I think my appetite increased plus I had an unexpected blood test where they couldn’t find my vein so I think I was a little traumatised**

 photo 2015-06-01 06.52.33.jpg
Breakfast: 4 bacon medallions (3pp) on 2 sandwich thins (6pp) with 3tbsp ketchup (1pp) = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-01 13.55.53.jpg
Lunch: a can of mackerel in spicy tomato sauce (6pp) with 2 eggs (4pp) and cherry tomatoes = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-01 08.06.48.jpg
Snack: a shake made from strawberries, frozen banana, spinach, frozen berries, 1tsp chia seeds (2pp), 2tbsp porridge oats (1pp). Not pictured: 2 bags French Fries (5pp), a packet of Pop Chips (3pp) = 10pp

 photo 2015-06-01 21.23.03.jpg
Dinner: Chicago Town deep dish four cheese pizza (12pp), 1/4 serving of Corned Beef Hash (3pp) and 1/4 can of Heinz Tuscan Beanz (2pp) – more beans pictured but I didn’t really like them so only ate half! = 17pp

Yeah, so I think I went a little overboard in the last few days – particularly on Saturday. I did extra exercise and I think that contributed to me eating like a horse. Looking back it seems a bit ridiculous! Plus I ate four lots of pizza (1 healthified, the others not) which seems a bit much. I’ll see how I do during weigh in as looking at what I ate, makes me think I will have probably have gained!

EDIT: Lost 2lb this week. Although I think maybe I was lucky – I’m going to lay off the pizza this week!

Until next time.. x