Food Shop – Asda – 01.02.16

Hi guys,

As promised (albeit a little late! Sorry!) here’s my food shop. Went a little off the shopping list and got a few bits which added up.. Ah well. I was running on no sleep and absolutely starving!

2016-02-02 07.56.51

Fresh items: Cathedral City lighter, honey roast ham, jalapeño humous, unsmoked lean diced bacon, continental meat selection, smoked salmon (not pictured) and semi skimmed milk.

2016-02-02 08.00.19

Dry items: chicken stock pots, worcestershire sauce, light sandwich speed, Red’s BBQ rub, lean corned beef, garlic granules, 9pk wholemeal sandwich thins, pickled onions and pickled beetroot.

2016-02-02 08.02.01

Vegetables: carrots, new potatoes, mushrooms, sprouts and frozen peas (not pictured).

I’ve subsequently lost the receipt (this is what happens when you have no sleep and put things away for “safe keeping”) but my total was just a smidge over £28.

Until next time.. x


Week 3 Update

Hi guys,

I know it seems like every time I have my “I’m back!” blog, I disappear for anything up to a few days to a few months – I’m sorry!

This last week has been insane! I didn’t think my schedule would have totally been thrown out of the window. I’ve been working 10am – 1am this week and today is my first proper day off in three weeks so I hope you understand.

Anyhow, I didn’t do a weigh in last week as I was a bit swamped with work but I did an early weigh in this morning and I lost 1lb so I’m officially 15 stone exactly. I have to admit I’m very lucky to have not put weight on as I’ve been eating non stop junk – had several meals out and just eating when and as. Some meals have included shepherd’s pie, chips, steak, kebabs, ribs, mac and cheese – it’s been a horrible week! So I’m a very lucky this week.

I have another busy week ahead so I did a bit of a meal prep today making (not strictly healthy) fried rice and some tomato soup for lunches. The tomato soup got a bit depleted as I hadn’t eaten all day and ended up having about 3 bowls at 5 o’clock along with some green tea and a Pepsi Max.

2016-01-31 16.11.042016-01-31 16.11.122016-01-31 17.36.10

The only other meal I’m thinking of making later in the week is a skinny corned beef hash. I use Dollybakes recipe but add roasted carrots to the mix too for extra yumminess. Breakfasts are going to be a mix of porridge and vegetable omelettes. Dinner-wise I’ve been eating a lot at my parents’ so I’m keeping the evenings open for the minute.

I’ll be doing a food shop in the morning nice and early so I’ll have a food shop post tomorrow afternoon.

Until next time.. x

Meal Plan : 18.01.16 -23.01.16

Hi guys,

Two days in a row – I’m doing ok so far 🙂

I’ve not done a strict meal plan as I usually do. Instead what I’ve been doing recently is looking at how many meals I need and writing down what meals I fancy cooking and matching it up to the numbers. This gives me a bit more flexibility if I “don’t fancy it” that meal/day. It’s been working so far so big thumbs up.

I needed 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 3 dinners which is 15 meals altogether (There’s quite a few dinners out this week!).

– Porridge with half milk, half water, banana and berries (maybe a teaspoon of peanut butter
– Omelet or scrambled eggs with a toasted bagel thin, bacon, mushrooms and half a tin of baked beans

– Beef stew with carrots, new potatoes, peas, onions, celery
– Mince stuffed bitter melon with homemade black bean sauce with wholegrain rice
– Mushroom risotto

– Ryvita with Laughing Cow light triangle, cherry tomatoes, crushed black pepper
– Bananas/Berries
– Kimchi
– Milk chocolate coated rice cake thins
– Peanut butter and banana bagel thin

Hope that’s been helpful. It’s a lot easier for me to be a little less rigid and I’m more likely to stay on plan. I haven’t strayed too much – there may have been a snack here or there that’s not the best but my meals are pretty much on point.

Until next time.. x

Grocery Shop – 20.01.16

Hi guys,

As promised, here is my grocery shop for the week. I still have some bits and pieces from the week before so it isn’t a great massive shop.

2016-01-21 00.07.08
Dry things: Tilda wholegrain basmati & quinoa microwave rice, Tilda wholegrain basmati microwave rice, Tetley tropical green tea, Tetley mango and passion fruit green tea, Ryvita Mediterranean herb crisp bread and Asda’s milk chocolate rice cake thins.

2016-01-21 00.08.33
Fresh things: cherry tomatoes, Laughing Cow light triangles, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, 2x mini fruit platter.

Total: £15.97 – not too bad. I was in and out of Asda within 15-20 minutes which is quite rare for me! I’ll be posting my meal plan in the next couple of days – I’m having a horrible time remembering to take photos of my food so there won’t be a food round up quite yet!

Until next time.. x

WW Meal Plan – 07.07.15 – 13.07.15

Hi guys,

Another week, another meal plan.

Tuesday – F&H
Breakfast: toasted brown sandwich thins with 2 poached eggs
Lunch: ham salad on sandwich thins with fruit smoothie
Dinner: savoury 5% mince with veggies and potatoes

Wednesday 14pp+
Breakfast: fruit smoothie with chia seeds and flax seeds and 2 seafood sticks (5pp)
Lunch: can of beans (9pp)
Dinner: dinner out with my sister

Thursday – F&H
Breakfast: toasted sandwich thins with 2 poached eggs
Lunch: savoury 5% beef mince with veggies and potatoes
Dinner: smoothie and fruit platter

Friday – F&H – 1pp
Breakfast: baked beans & soft boiled eggs and a sandwich thin
Lunch: WW wholemeal pasta with seafood and 2tbsp pesto (1pp)
Dinner: savoury 5% beef mince with veggies and potatoes

Saturday – F&H – 15pp
Breakfast: 2x weetabix golden syrup (4pp) with skimmed milk
Lunch: WW wholemeal pasta with seafood and 2tbsp pesto (1pp)
Dinner: pancakes (6pp for flour) with bacon, blueberries and 3tbsp maple syrup (4pp) = 10pp

Sunday – F&H – 10pp
Breakfast: poached eggs on sandwich thin
Lunch: broccoli and pea soup with a sandwich thin
Dinner: pancakes (6pp for flour) with bacon, blueberries and 3tbsp maple syrup (4pp) = 10pp

Monday – 25pp
Lunch: carvery = 25pp
Dinner: broccoli and pea soup with sandwich thin

Until next time.. x

WW Meal Plan – 30.06.15 – 06.07.15

Hi guys,

Hope you are all well. As I mentioned in my previous post, OH has challenged me to meal plan from what we already have in the freezer and cupboards and to try and not do a food shop. I’m a little doubtful to not doing a food shop altogether so there might be a tiny shop to just top up some essentials. I’m also doing part counting, part Filling & Healthy this week to try and combat my case of the munchies which have been coming more and more frequently in the past couple of weeks!

Tuesday – Counting – 29pp
Breakfast: Graze peaches provancale granola (6pp) with 250ml skimmed milk (3pp) = 9pp
Lunch: Holland steak and kidney pudding (9pp) with 150g new potatoes (3pp) and roast carrots = 12pp
Dinner: 2 egg omelette (4pp) with courgette, mushroom and 40g grated cheese (4pp) = 8pp

Wednesday – Counting – 31pp
Breakfast: fruit smoothie with 30g oats (3pp) and 30g chia seeds (3pp) = 6pp
Lunch: Baijia spicy and sour vermicelli (10pp) with 200g fish balls (6pp) = 16pp
Dinner: 4 cod fish fingers (6pp) with 150g potatoes (3pp) = 9pp

Thursday – Counting – 29pp
Breakfast: homemade American pancakes (10pp) with 2 bacon medallions (1pp), banana and 2 tbsp maple syrup (3pp) = 14pp
Lunch: Tesco everyday tomato soup (5pp) with 2 boiled eggs (4pp) = 9pp
Dinner: yoghurt (2pp) with frozen fruit, 3 ryvita (2pp) with 30g ham (1pp) and 30g Phili light (1pp) = 6pp

Friday – Filling & Healthy
Breakfast: fruit smoothie, boiled eggs, baked beans
Lunch: roasted salmon with carrots and peas
Dinner: WW pasta with scallops, prawns, mussels

Saturday – Filling & Healthy – 5pp
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, baked beans, Quorn bitesize kiev (100g – 5pp) = 5pp
Lunch: WW pasta with scallops, prawns, mussels
Dinner: savoury 5% beef mince with roast new potatoes

Sunday – Counting – 16pp+
Breakfast: 3 Weetabix golden syrup (6pp) with 250ml skimmed milk (3pp) = 9pp
Lunch: WW salmon wedge ready meal = 7pp
Dinner: out for dinner with family

Monday – Filling & Healthy
Lunch: savoury 5% beef mince with roast new potatoes
Dinner: veggie soup – thinking broccoli and peas at the moment.

Until next time.. x

WW Meal Plan – 16.06.15 – 22.06.15

Hi guys,

Sorry I’m behind on posts – I’m starting afresh this week as I’m a bit confused to where I am with all my meal posts! I think I’m going to end up with a slight gain this week as my sleeping pattern has flown out of the window and my hay fever has been crazy 😦

Tuesday – 19pp
Breakfast: sandwich thin (3pp) with 30g ham (1pp) and a Laughing Cow extra light triangle with a fruit smoothie = 4pp
Lunch: Braised tofu (7pp) with 135g cooked rice (5pp) = 12pp
Dinner: Roast cauliflower with roast carrots, 150g new potatoes (3pp) with salad = 3pp

Wednesday – 34pp
Breakfast: mushroom spinach 2 egg omelette (4pp) with 40g half fat cheddar (3pp) = 7pp
Lunch: korean tofu stew (7pp) with 135g cooked rice (5pp) = 12pp
Dinner: hot and spicy vermicelli (10pp) with roast pork steak (5pp) = 15pp

Thursday – 26pp
Breakfast: 2 bacon medallions (1pp) egg (2pp) sandwich thin (3pp) and a fruit smoothie = 6pp
Lunch: korean tofu stew (7pp) with 135g cooked rice (5pp) = 12pp
Dinner: Veggie soup with 2 sandwich thins (6pp) 60g ham (2pp) and a Laughing Cow extra light triangle = 8pp

Friday – 16pp
Breakfast: sandwich thin (3pp) with 30g ham (1pp) and a Laughing Cow extra light triangle with a fruit smoothie = 4pp
Lunch: braised tofu (7pp) with 135g cooked rice (5pp) = 12pp
Dinner: Dinner with my sister at a Korean restaurant

Saturday – 27pp
Breakfast: mushroom 2 egg omelette (4pp) with 40g half fat cheddar (3pp) = 7pp
Lunch: 3 chicken drumsticks (8pp) with roast carrots and salad = 8pp
Dinner: 170g salmon (8pp) with roast carrots, salad, 150g sweet potato (4pp) = 12pp

Sunday – 31pp
Lunch: Nando’s chicken thighs (14pp) with spicy rice (7pp) and ratatouille (3pp) = 24pp
Dinner: WW salmon potato wedge = 7pp

Monday – 8pp+
Lunch: lunch with Mum
Dinner: veggie soup, 2 sandwich thins (6pp) 60g ham (2pp) Laughing Cow extra light triangle = 8pp

Left some room for snacks. Hopefully my sleeping pattern will go back to normal this week, fingers crossed.

Until next time.. x