WW Meal Plan – 30.06.15 – 06.07.15

Hi guys,

Hope you are all well. As I mentioned in my previous post, OH has challenged me to meal plan from what we already have in the freezer and cupboards and to try and not do a food shop. I’m a little doubtful to not doing a food shop altogether so there might be a tiny shop to just top up some essentials. I’m also doing part counting, part Filling & Healthy this week to try and combat my case of the munchies which have been coming more and more frequently in the past couple of weeks!

Tuesday – Counting – 29pp
Breakfast: Graze peaches provancale granola (6pp) with 250ml skimmed milk (3pp) = 9pp
Lunch: Holland steak and kidney pudding (9pp) with 150g new potatoes (3pp) and roast carrots = 12pp
Dinner: 2 egg omelette (4pp) with courgette, mushroom and 40g grated cheese (4pp) = 8pp

Wednesday – Counting – 31pp
Breakfast: fruit smoothie with 30g oats (3pp) and 30g chia seeds (3pp) = 6pp
Lunch: Baijia spicy and sour vermicelli (10pp) with 200g fish balls (6pp) = 16pp
Dinner: 4 cod fish fingers (6pp) with 150g potatoes (3pp) = 9pp

Thursday – Counting – 29pp
Breakfast: homemade American pancakes (10pp) with 2 bacon medallions (1pp), banana and 2 tbsp maple syrup (3pp) = 14pp
Lunch: Tesco everyday tomato soup (5pp) with 2 boiled eggs (4pp) = 9pp
Dinner: yoghurt (2pp) with frozen fruit, 3 ryvita (2pp) with 30g ham (1pp) and 30g Phili light (1pp) = 6pp

Friday – Filling & Healthy
Breakfast: fruit smoothie, boiled eggs, baked beans
Lunch: roasted salmon with carrots and peas
Dinner: WW pasta with scallops, prawns, mussels

Saturday – Filling & Healthy – 5pp
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, baked beans, Quorn bitesize kiev (100g – 5pp) = 5pp
Lunch: WW pasta with scallops, prawns, mussels
Dinner: savoury 5% beef mince with roast new potatoes

Sunday – Counting – 16pp+
Breakfast: 3 Weetabix golden syrup (6pp) with 250ml skimmed milk (3pp) = 9pp
Lunch: WW salmon wedge ready meal = 7pp
Dinner: out for dinner with family

Monday – Filling & Healthy
Lunch: savoury 5% beef mince with roast new potatoes
Dinner: veggie soup – thinking broccoli and peas at the moment.

Until next time.. x

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