Week 3 Update

Hi guys,

I know it seems like every time I have my “I’m back!” blog, I disappear for anything up to a few days to a few months – I’m sorry!

This last week has been insane! I didn’t think my schedule would have totally been thrown out of the window. I’ve been working 10am – 1am this week and today is my first proper day off in three weeks so I hope you understand.

Anyhow, I didn’t do a weigh in last week as I was a bit swamped with work but I did an early weigh in this morning and I lost 1lb so I’m officially 15 stone exactly. I have to admit I’m very lucky to have not put weight on as I’ve been eating non stop junk – had several meals out and just eating when and as. Some meals have included shepherd’s pie, chips, steak, kebabs, ribs, mac and cheese – it’s been a horrible week! So I’m a very lucky this week.

I have another busy week ahead so I did a bit of a meal prep today making (not strictly healthy) fried rice and some tomato soup for lunches. The tomato soup got a bit depleted as I hadn’t eaten all day and ended up having about 3 bowls at 5 o’clock along with some green tea and a Pepsi Max.

2016-01-31 16.11.042016-01-31 16.11.122016-01-31 17.36.10

The only other meal I’m thinking of making later in the week is a skinny corned beef hash. I use Dollybakes recipe but add roasted carrots to the mix too for extra yumminess. Breakfasts are going to be a mix of porridge and vegetable omelettes. Dinner-wise I’ve been eating a lot at my parents’ so I’m keeping the evenings open for the minute.

I’ll be doing a food shop in the morning nice and early so I’ll have a food shop post tomorrow afternoon.

Until next time.. x

Sun – Wed Round Up PLUS Weigh In Wednesday!

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well. It’s been a crazy few days at home and I woke up this morning with the realisation that I have an exam in two weeks – gulp! Sorry my food posts haven’t been as frequent and grouped up. I’m just finding the odd half an hour here and there to update 🙂 This is a really long post as I only have a few minutes to get this together before college so I suggest getting a cup of tea to drink as you read!


2014-11-30 11.32.04

Breakfast: 0% fat yoghurt with strawberries (ss), passion fruit (s) and bananas.

2014-11-30 13.51.11  2014-11-30 13.34.04


Lunch: roast chicken (s) with roast potatoes, roast carrots (s), broccoli (s), green beans (s) and gravy (3 syns) with honey dew melon (ss)

2014-11-30 16.51.31  2014-11-30 20.40.44

Snack: OH & I went on a rare cinema date to watch The Imitation Game (which is fantastic, btw) so I snacked on half a regular salted popcorn (on another note, popcorn prices are OUTRAGEOUS at the cinema!) – 10 syns? I also spilt quite a lot of it on the floor >.<

Dinner: beef stew with carrots (s), roast potatoes, sprouts, onions (s), mushrooms (s) and pickled beetroot (s)

2014-11-30 20.52.14

Night time snack: 3 clementines (s) and HEA & 1.5 syns of cheese (The small ones were 12g each – 36g altogether)

Superspeed – 2, speed – 10

Total syns: 19


2014-12-01 09.39.42

Breakfast: Bacon sandwich using 400g wholemeal bread (HEB) with ketchup (2 syns) and an omelet with spinach (s) and 20g light red cheese grated (1/2 HEA)

2014-12-01 12.25.15

Lunch: beef stew with carrots (s), roast potatoes, onions (s), mushrooms (s) and sprouts

2014-12-01 12.35.55

Snack: clementine (s), pina colada Mullerlight and a banana

2014-12-01 15.03.02


Another snack: honey dew melon (ss) and a banana

2014-12-01 15.57.20  2014-12-01 17.40.42

Another snack: Morrisons Saver ravioli and the rest of the breakfast omelet with spinach (s) and 20g light red cheese (1/2 HEA) and baked beans (ss)

2014-12-01 23.03.04  2014-12-01 23.15.01

Dinner: roast chicken (s) with roast potatoes, roast carrots (s), broccoli (s), green beans (s) and gravy (3 syns) with Pepsi Max and 3 clementines (s)

Superspeed – 2, Speed – 11

Total syns: 3


2014-12-02 13.23.13

Breakfast: tomato soup (s) (3 syns – the shop owner puts a little butter in but no oil) with 1/2 a sausage, beans (ss) and cheese (HEA) panini (Thank god for Mums and sisters to take some of the hit!) – about 10 syns

2014-12-02 12.43.43

Dinner: beef stew with carrots (s), sprouts, onions (s), mushrooms (s)

2014-12-02 14.03.27


Snacks: 25g wasabi peas (4.5 syns), jacket potato with tuna in light natural yoghurt (4 syns), Pepsi Max, black coffee

2014-12-02 21.30.57

Dinner: soy salmon with carrots (s) and roast potatoes2014-12-02 22.12.13

Snack: 3 clementines (s)

Superspeed – 1, speed – 6

Total syns: 21.5


2014-12-03 11.21.42

Breakfast: Strawberry Mullerlight with strawberries (ss) and banana

2014-12-03 12.53.59

Lunch: Garlic lettuce (s) with a little bit of beef in black bean sauce (4 syns) with 2 clementines (s) – not pictured

2014-12-03 20.03.30  2014-12-03 20.28.54

Dinner: tiny bit of a blow out! 2x Appletiser (12 syns), a lot of extremely fresh sushi (10 syns?) and I managed about a quarter of the bowl of noodles (7 syns – wasn’t a fan of the actual noodle itself!) and my OH ate the rest of the broth, meat and veggies whilst waiting for his dish)

Superspeed – 1, Speed – 2

Total syns: (far too many!) 31?

Weigh In Wednesday & Early Christmas Present off OH

So before the meal with my OH and friends, I popped to weigh in. My consultant was so poorly bless her and she still made it but as she lost her voice, I don’t think I missed much! As it was only 4 days since my previous weigh in, I was a bit nervous that I would just maintain or have a teeny tiny half lb off. I was really happy as I weighed in at 15 stone 5.5lbs and lost a lb which makes 5lbs in 4 weeks, which isn’t too bad for me. I’m just surprised I’m still losing as usually I would have had a small gain by now or maintained. I picked up my half stone award whilst I was at group and I’m hoping for a 1 or 2 lb loss next week. I really want to try and hit 15 stone by Christmas and although I have about 10 meals out with friends planned I really want to hit it. I would like to start the new year in the 14 stone range BUT I am hosting a Christmas meal for friends which I’m letting myself have the day to not worry about food too much, so that might not happen! I’ll have that in the back of my mind though so hopefully it will curb myself not to go crazy. That, or the non stop cooking will make me not hungry!

2014-11-30 19.58.56

As an early Christmas present, my OH took me to Sweatshop on Sunday 🙂 I have really flat feet and walking more than a mile in normal shoes kills my feet and they just can’t cope with insoles. My friend had visited Sweatshop and came back raving about them so when OH was asking what he could get me for Christmas, I really wanted to go. The guy at the shop was super nice. I didn’t run on the treadmill tester as you would usually as the fact I was flat footed and also had wide feet ruled out several brands and types of trainers.

I ended up plumping for these Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 in white/blue/green. They cost a fair bit – £105! – but I have been walking non stop in them since Monday and at the moment I absolutely love them. I’ve not had any foot pain so far which is just amazing. I’m going to walk to work and back on Friday (2.2 miles each way) so that will be the real test. The reason why I wasn’t too fazed about OH spending this on me (which usually I’d object to) was that Sweatshop have a 30 day return policy so you can test your shoes OUTSIDE and still bring them back if they’re not right. You have to have some guidance in buying the shoes (i.e. you can’t pick them up yourself and assume they’ll do and return them) but I think that’s really good. Many trainers I’ve had before have been OK until I stepped outside on normal terrain and then killed my feet 😦

I’ll probably give another little update the more I use them, so look out for that.

Apologies for the ultra long post. I’ll sign off for now 🙂

Until next time.. x


Wed-Sat Round Up & Weigh In Saturday

Hi guys,

Sorry for the wait on this week’s posts. I have to admit I haven’t had the greatest week and I’ve been crazy busy eating as I’m working so I keep forgetting to take photos. Next week I am going to be on it (like a car bonnet!).


2014-11-26 10.21.57

Breakfast: Cheese on Toast (HEA, HEB & 3 syns). I had 2 slices of toast – was too hungry to wait!

2014-11-26 12.53.44

Lunch: pork with roast potatoes, roast carrots (s), broccoli (s) and green beans (s)

2014-11-26 14.32.24

Snack: banana, clementine (s) and a Chinese sausage and cheese bun >.< I’m guessing it will be around 15 syns or so. This spiralled into my friend’s birthday dinner. Moral of this story – DO NOT SUCCUMB. Bad things happen.

2014-11-26 19.40.20

Dinner: Meatballs with tomato sauce and pasta with chips AND pizza??? (yeah triple carbs. Damn) and then a small piece of chocolate cake. 50 syns?! More? 😦

2014-11-26 22.17.47

Midnight snack: roast potatoes.


2014-11-27 10.56.49

Breakfast: 30g Special K granola with 0% fat free yoghurt (with sweetener) and bananas, strawberries (ss), honey dew melon (ss) and a clementine (s)

2014-11-27 12.24.53

Lunch: soy salmon with roast potatoes, roast carrots (s), broccoli (s), green beans (s)

2014-11-27 17.09.14

College snack: Pepsi Max with a jacket potato, cheese (HEA) and baked beans (ss) and a tomato cup-a-soup (4.5 syns)

2014-11-27 21.44.05

Dinner: OH made whitebait with tomatoes (s), sweetcorn, chillis (s) with roast potatoes


2014-11-28 11.49.58

Breakfast: a slice of toast (8 syns), tomatoes (s), mushroom (s), baked beans (ss), eggs, bacon – didn’t eat the sausage or the hash brown (gave that to my Mum!). 6 syns for oil.

2014-11-28 14.14.35

Lunch: SW lamb hotpot (1 syn) with carrots (s), mushrooms (s), courgette (s)

2014-11-28 16.32.55   2014-11-28 18.32.09

Snack: HM chicken and sweetcorn soup (0.5 syn) and a banana

2014-11-28 19.30.16

Second snack: ham and clementines (s)

2014-11-28 20.05.52

Dinner: spinach (s), mushroom (s) and cheese (HEA) omelet with three eggs


2014-11-29 11.10.49   2014-11-29 15.27.36  2014-11-29 21.12.31

Breakfast: 30g Special K granola with 0% fat yoghurt, honey dew melon (ss), strawberries (ss), banana and a clementine.

Lunch: Chicken and chinese mushroom bun (x2) with 8 pieces of siu mai (a Chinese pork dumpling) – 30 syns? Bleh.

Snack: banana, turkey ham (s), pickled beetroot (s)

Dinner: Roast chicken with the skin on (6.5 syns) with carrot (s), broccoli (s), green beans (s), roast potatoes, sprouts and chicken gravy (3 syns)

Weigh In Saturday

So I weighed in on a Saturday this week. It’s been a mental week and with all my evenings being taken up Saturday morning was the nearest and most convenient. I prefer being weighed in the morning but the morning groups are so busy I never feel inclined to stay 😦 The quieter evening groups are more my thing I think.

But yes, last time I weighed in I was a half lb off my half stone award. Well guess what – I made it! 1 lb off! Finally! I really want to carry on the momentum so I’m going to try and be really good this week and not deviate too much. As I weighed in on Saturday, my next weigh in is Wednesday so I don’t think I’ll lose too much weight between now and then. I would like another lb off though… I just need to make sure I don’t go anywhere with my Mum – she’s a bad influence!

Until next time.. x