Food Shopping – Morrisons/Waitrose – 10th Jan

Hi guys,

Hope you’re well! Here is my post on food shopping this week. It should coincide with my meal plan which was posted yesterday but I went into Waitrose for 10% lamb mince and they didn’t have any but I got distracted and got a few bits as “I was already there”. I’ll be getting some clementines from Aldi tomorrow (£3-4 for a box) as they do the sweetest ones at the moment and I can kill 2 birds with one stone and pick up my prescription as well 🙂

2015-01-10 20.29.42

Fruit and veg: baby potatoes x2, carrots x2, large papaya, conference pears x2, strawberries x2, spinach, celery x2, spring onion, mushrooms, ginger, small pack of bananas, parsley, tarragon, tender stem broccoli, baby corn, leeks, sweetheart cabbage, mangetout, lettuce and onions.

2015-01-10 20.41.43

Everything else: 10pk eggs x2, seafood sticks, sliced ham x2, whole chicken x2, firm tofu, Ryvita Original, Laughing Cow extra light triangles x3, mullerlight yoghurts x4, unsmoked gammon steak, filo pastry (6 syns/sheet), lamb Oxo cubes, mackerel in spicy tomato sauce x2, onion granules. I just realised I forgot to show my Waitrose stuff – I got 6 bags of Popchips (5 syns/25g), fat free raspberry vinaigrette (not sure on syns as of yet but it’s only 9 cals/tbsp) and Kraft light thousand island dressing (half syn/tablespoon) which I’ve been looking for everywhere.

The pop chips were on offer at 99p a bag of 80g I think so I’ve separated it out in 25g mini bags so I don’t overeat (as I did today absentmindedly whilst trying to prepare dinner! Luckily I hadn’t had any syns yet.) They’re so full of flavour as well so thought it was a bit of a bargain. Randomly picked up some gammon steaks for some point in the future and got some extra Ryvita so I don’t have to ferry the pack to and from work. Also picked up the mackerel as it was on offer (it’s so expensive now!). My papaya was a bit expensive at £3.99 (!) but I haven’t had one in so long, plus it’s a speed food, so yeah. I think I need more willpower in general!

Waitrose total: £9.12, Morrisons total: £59.50. Total: £68.62. This week seems very expensive >.< I think some cutbacks may be in order for next week!

Until next time.. x

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