Update & Return to Regular Blogging

Hi guys,

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged and I apologise profusely. It’s been a really hard time for me the past couple of weeks and I’ve just been trying to support my OH as much as possible and so caring for myself was put to the wayside a little bit.

My OH has been suffering from depression for a while but it’s only recently that it’s becoming more frequent and more intense. The past few weeks have been really difficult as it’s the worst that it’s ever been and just trying to be positive for the both of us has been mentally and physically draining. It’s been a very worrying time and my healthy habits I’ve been building up for the past couple of months just took a running jump out of the window.

There’s been a lot of tears and emotional eating along with trying to fit in revision for my exam which was nearly two weeks ago now. I’ve not been to my group meetings as I was too worried to leave OH at home on his own, especially as he was so vulnerable and I was just worried he might do something silly in the spur of the moment. Anyhow, it’s been picking up the last few days and the doctors finally have referred him to a CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) unit after losing his referral a few months ago and so I’m trying to get back on the wagon.

I don’t think I’ve put on too much weight (she says now!) – I guesstimate at around 2.5lbs. I will be going back to group on Monday and getting myself organised with all my posts again. I’m just amazed at people still reading and visiting my blog despite a lack of posts but thank you and I hope you’ve found some of my previous posts helpful.

So.. onwards and upwards!

Until next time.. x

2 thoughts on “Update & Return to Regular Blogging

  1. Depression is such a debilitating illness, and as you have said, it’s draining on those caring for the sufferer also. I hope your OH recovers quickly, and the CBT has a good effect. I’ve had CBT sessions twice now (once an 8 week ‘course’ and the second, a six week), and they really did improve my way of thinking. Good luck to you both xxxx

    • Thanks Katie for your comment, I really do appreciate it and I’m glad CBT has worked for you.
      OH has had a call from the CBT team as they have a small backlog and did a quick session over the phone. It seems to have really helped so I feel very hopeful. It wasn’t until this time round, as it’s been so severe, that I realised how much it was taking a toll on me but I do think there needs to be a bit more support out there for both the sufferer and their families (Our GP basically said that medication would help but the GP OH saw said there might be contraindications with his current meds so at the moment it’s just a waiting game).
      Thanks again for your comment and I hope you don’t have to need the CBT again x

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