Detox Worries

Hi guys,

Fair warning: this isn’t the lightest of posts. You’re more than welcome to skip to another post if this topic isn’t your thing. As you know, since New Year I have been getting back on the wagon and beginning my healthy lifestyle again. I have to admit that this week’s been a little bit of a nightmare and wondered if anyone else was feeling this way?

I’ve been trying to get grips with my diet, I’ve been drinking around 3L of water a day and started walking home from work 4 times a week (around 2.2 miles/3.5km). I know my body is going to try and adjust to this whole new schedule but I feel like I’m ready to hibernate!

Physical State

Well, my body is well and truly achey. I have to take special care of my feet as I’m diabetic and they have not been happy bunnies. I thought I had a blister on the bottom of my foot arch but it looks like I’ve burnt myself with a frying pan. My sleeping pattern is a bit all over the place (but then again, it usually is) but I’m getting tired a lot more which isn’t good as I’m back at college now and doing extra hours.

The first few days after New Year I was getting migraine-like headaches which have now dissipated but it has made way for the most horrible breakout on my face 😦 I have exzema so the area round my mouth is quite sensitive and can get itchy when stressed but at the moment I am so blotchy, itchy and red I can’t help but feel self conscious.

Mental State

I feel very lethargic which isn’t good when I have classes straight after work! Also feeling quite low in confidence with all the blotchiness on my face. I’m used to having issues with my skin but this seems to be the worst it’s ever been. Hopefully it’s just the flushing out of toxins due to the amount of water I’m drinking rather than an actual breakout due to harmones or something.

Goals for this week

Well tonight is weigh in so hopefully I will get a loss. I’m not expecting a big one though as I really have upped my exercise and the increased water consumption might mean I retain quite a bit of water (as before I could go the whole day and just drink one cup if I forget). I’m really hoping it isn’t a gain anyway! I’m also hoping my body won’t give out so I can carry on with my walking. I’ve actually quite enjoyed it and it doesn’t feel like exercise when I’m going home and there’s no time pressure either.

So, until next time.. x

2 thoughts on “Detox Worries

    • Thanks! I’ll post about my weigh in tomorrow. Though if it’s a gain I guess I don’t mind too much as in the long run all this extra stuff will be better for me 🙂

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