Fri – Mon Round Up (2nd – 5th Jan)

Hi guys,

Just a quick round up of my food for you guys. I’ve found it a little bit hard to jump back on the wagon, despite wanting to desperately! Anyone else find that after indulging over Christmas, it’s hard to be really disciplined with yourself again? It’s crazy. Especially as I wanted to try the new EE SP plan so hardly any carbs on top of that was a bit like torture the first couple of days. However, I am back on the wagon now. Sunday seemed to be a little turning point and I’ve made sure I’m really organised with my food for this week so my head is most definitely in the game!


2015-01-02 10.49.41

Breakfast was a yummy mushroom (s) and spinach (s) omelet (p) with 15g vintage cheddar (half HEA) – yum.

2015-01-02 13.15.36   2015-01-02 14.18.31

Lunch was carrot (s) and coriander soup with a wholemeal roll (HEB) with 30g Phili light (half HEA) and ham with strawberry infused water and 2 clementines (s)

2015-01-02 16.07.16   2015-01-02 17.40.49

Snack: Ham (p) and cucumber (s) in a wholemeal roll (HEB) with light salad cream (3 syns) with extra cucumber (s) and 25g wasabi peas (4.5 syns)

2015-01-02 20.45.00

Dinner: ‘blackened’ steak with the fat removed (p) with swede (s) and carrot (s) mash with sprouts (s) and bacon (p)

Total syns: 7.5


2015-01-03 09.28.39

Breakfast: two fried eggs (p) with two slices of bacon (p) with mushrooms (s) and spinach (s)

2015-01-03 13.26.02

Lunch: soy salmon (p) with carrot (s) and swede (s) mash with celery sticks (s) and a clementine (s) with strawberry and cucumber infused water

2015-01-03 16.34.48   2015-01-03 16.42.06

Snack: ham (p) and cucumber (s) parcels with light salad cream (3 syns) and clementine (s) with strawberries (s) and 25g wasabi peas (4.5 syns)

2015-01-03 20.46.22

Dinner: “Pizza” – 2 wholemeal rolls (HEB x2) with 50g mozzarella (HEA), tomato puree, ham (p), green beans (s), mushrooms (s), 8 olives (1.5 syns) and carrot chips (s)

Total syns – 9


2015-01-04 15.56.44

Snack: 24g salt and vinegar hula hoops (6 syns) – was disappointed with the flavour. Anyone else think they just taste of potato?

2015-01-04 19.57.21

Dinner: soy salmon (p) with roast carrots (s), broccoli (s), green beans (s) and peas (p)

2015-01-04 21.15.12

Snack: 2 clementines (s) and half a bag of jelly tots (4 syns)

Total syns – 10


2015-01-05 09.44.35

Breakfast: spinach (s) with 3 eggs scrambled (p) with 2 slices of 400g wholemeal toast (HEB)

2015-01-05 12.37.17

Lunch: chicken (p) pieces with Ainsley Harriot Spice Sensation Couscous (1.5 syns) with broccoli (s), green beans (s), cherry tomatoes (s) and peas (p). 2 boiled eggs (p) and a cup of tea with a splash of milk (0.5 syn). Not sure if my couscous was off but it tasted very strange so ended up just eating the chicken and veg.

2015-01-05 16.11.14

Snack: two boiled eggs (p) with celery sticks (s) and 2 tbsp jalapeno houmous (5 syns) with strawberry & cucumber infused water

2015-01-05 16.59.59   2015-01-05 18.00.53

Snack: 2 clementines (s) and 2 boiled eggs (p)

2015-01-05 20.16.18   2015-01-05 20.36.59

Dinner: beef (p) stew with carrots (s), onions (s), celery (s) and mushrooms (s) with pickled beetroot (s) and pickled cabbage (s) with sweetheart cabbage (s), baby corn (s) and mangetout (s) with half pack of jelly tots (3.5)

Total syns – 11.5

That’s all for now guys. Weigh in tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have lost at  least some of that Christmas weight!

Until next time.. x


2 thoughts on “Fri – Mon Round Up (2nd – 5th Jan)

    • I didnt actually have a loss the first week. I think due to my body going a bit crazy as I started EESP the same time I quadrupled my water intake and started exercising 4xweek.

      I think my weigh in next week will be more accurate as hopefully my body will have settled.


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