Food Shopping – Morrisons 04.01.15

Hi guys,

Here’s my food shopping post as promised. I went to Morrison’s yesterday as I had my £5 voucher I collected just before Christmas and wanted to get it used up. I also stocked up on a few bits and pieces so this shop was a bit higher. I think I will need to do a tiny top up shop mid-week though as when I went there was no beef mince so I am currently missing the main part of my cottage pie.

2015-01-04 16.08.16

Fruit & Veg: packet of frozen peas, family pack of mushrooms, 2 punnets of strawberries, a head of sweetheart cabbage, a bag of sweet pears, two bags of carrots, a head of broccoli, head of celery, swede, mangetout/baby corn pack, onions, red onions, dwarf beans and smoked garlic.

2015-01-04 16.16.01

Chilled items: 10pk of eggs, low fat cottage cheese, 2 packs of beef shin, honey roast ham, chicken pieces, 3 packs of salmon, plain quark, Philadelphia Lightest, Laughing Cow extra light, Mexican jalapeno houmous (2.5 syns/tbsp), Sundried tomato and basil houmous (2.5 syns/tbsp)

2015-01-04 16.18.54

Everything else: 4 pack of baked beans, Ryvita original (4 – HEB), wholemeal rolls (1 – HEB), multipack of hula hoops (24g pack – 6 syns), Jelly Tots (42g pack – 7.5 syns), Kinder Chocolate (12.5g bar – 3.5 syns) and Strawberry Straws (25g – 1/3 pack – 4.5 syns)

So yeah I felt like treating myself to some sweet stuff just to keep the edge off! The jelly tots bags are quite big so as I don’t want a massive sugar rush I will be halving the bags as that’s more than enough for a sweet treat.

My shopping came to a total of £55.12 before my voucher and £50.12 after. I would have saved a little bit if they had the mince I wanted on the 3 for £10 offer but I did turn up quite late on Sunday afternoon so it’s more my fault than anything! Also OH came with me which means I spent less time trying to make sure I had the best deal as food shopping with him is like taking a toddler sometimes. He always prefer a straight in and out but I have to make sure I have everything! So I think next week’s shopping will be a little better when I’m not being rushed 🙂

Until next time.. x

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