Engagement & Initial Wedding Plans

Hi guys,

So not able to sleep at the minute – my coughing is really crazy and keeping me awake so I thought I’d pass the time a little and tell you about my engagement and upcoming wedding.

We haven’t actually told a lot of people that we’re engaged. At the moment around a small handful of friends and parts of my family know. The reason for us not telling many people is that we wanted to let all of my close family know first which has been hard as there’s been a few incidents which have happened so we’ve postponed our news for now. Also we’re having a mega small wedding. As my OH’s family don’t approve of us, it will be mainly my very close family and a couple of his friends to balance it out. Because of this, we don’t really want to announce it as I know some of my friends are going to be upset they haven’t been invited – one of my friends is adamant that she is planning our wedding so letting them know beforehand is probably going to be a bad move on our part, especially as we were going to elope but my Mum said she would never speak to me again if we did >.<

So as we’ve not really told people, I suppose I can share my news on here. There’s not really many people I can get excited with the wedding about so this will be a way of me rambling on and just getting it all out there rather than it all simmering away inside of me.

So how did he propose?

Funnily enough, my OH didn’t initially propose. We just happened to have come home one night after a meal with friends and I just casually mentioned maybe we should get married. This was because he knew of my initial life plan (yes, I am one of those people!) where I thought I didn’t want to get married unless I was planning of having kids soon. Before having kids, we needed a house so I wasn’t really planning on getting engaged for at least another two or three years and married in four. I’d been spending a lot of time with friends’ kids who are so adorable yet it made me realised I was nowhere near ready and also that I wanted time to ourselves as a married couple rather than diving straight into parenthood. So I casually hinted and he asked me if I was asking him to marry him so I got a haribo ring out and put it on his ring finger – cheesy I know. We decided that we wanted to get married on our sixth anniversary and things started swinging in motion. What I didn’t know was that when we went on holiday about a month later, we went out to Ihla Deserta near Faro and he proposed properly by writing the question in the sand next to my ring 🙂

Do you know what kind of wedding you have in mind?

Yes. We are having a very very intimate wedding as I mentioned above. It’s going to be on our sixth anniversary in the late afternoon with 8 guests. Super duper small. We’re going to skip the reception and just have an extended wedding breakfast at a local boutique hotel.

Have you been a crazy bridezilla? What is organised for the wedding so far?

I have to admit, I’ve been super laid back about the wedding so far. I’ve been to a few wedding fairs but the vision I have in my head has pretty come out of mine and my OH’s ideas. The main issue we’re having at the moment is the guest list as I have quite a big family (as does my OH but he has chosen not to invite them) and I’ve decided who I want to be there but my parents are worried it will start World War 3 if I don’t invite some of my cousins. I’ve tried to be firm so far. We’re paying for the wedding ourselves and also I’m not particularly close to one of them in particular. Unfortunately, I can’t invite one without the other so we have decided not to invite either. We’ve invited their parents as they have been close to both of us since the beginning but we as of yet haven’t told them about the wedding so I’m unsure of how they’ll react. At the moment I’m standing firm as we don’t want to have someone at our wedding just because they’re family. We want people there who have spent time with us and been supportive of our relationship.

2014-11-24 01.46.51

In terms of organising the wedding, we have the venue, catering, registrar, photographer and cake booked. The cake we just confirmed yesterday as it has been difficult as I’ve wanted my OH to be able to eat everything and not feel left out (he has a wheat and egg allergy) and so all the food side we have tried to sort out ASAP. OH has decided on the design of the cake which I’m so impressed on as he hasn’t really expressed much interest and then came out with this really awesome idea. Another plus side of the cake tasting was that we ended up leaving it knowing what our colour theme will be (black, white, purple) so I’m pretty happy. I think we have dress, suit, make up artist, hairdresser, flowers and rings left to sort out but I think this will be around February/March or even maybe after we come back from our holiday in late April/early May. We are initially taking a week to just relax in the Yorkshire countryside as a pre-honeymoon and we will be going to Shanghai, China in April 2016 for our actual honeymoon and spending time with friends there.

Yeah, so I think that’s all I can really tell you so far. We’ve not really done too much – just the big things. Hopefully on a next update, I can give you more firm ideas on the other things we need to organise 🙂

Until next time.. x

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