Slimming World – Morrisons, Asda & Costco Food Shopping

Hi guys,

So here’s my shopping for about a week and a half I reckon. I originally went to Morrisons as it was on the way home from work but I ended up having to do a top up shop at Asda where I usually go. I stopped by Costco for some fruit as they do the best clementines and strawberries plus we get our house toiletries, etc from there as it’s a bit cheaper.

2014-11-22 20.32.07 2014-11-22 20.40.29

Above haul from Asda and Morrisons. There were a few bits that I already had so it was mainly fresh stuff that I bought.

Fruit & Veg: 2 packs of tender stem broccoli, 2 honey dew melons, 2 packs of mushrooms, a courgette, celery, sprouts, pack of carrot & swede mix, pack of diced swede, 2 packs of passion fruit, baby spinach, green beans, bananas, pears, 2 bulbs of smoked garlic, pack of new potatoes.

Other items: Special K granola with apples and sultanas, 2 pina colada Muller Lights, 1 Snog passion fruit frozen yoghurt, 0% fat free natural yoghurt, pack of 3 mixed Cathedral cheeses, pot of mixed olives, 400g wholemeal load, block of reduced fat red cheese, sliced ham, tin of Sainsburys Saver ravioli (syn free!), 3 packs of salmon (on offer), a big pack of seafood sticks, 4 pack of baked beans, pack of frozen mixed veg steamer bags.

2014-11-23 18.26.01

From Costco: clementines bagged and a case (these last a while!), 1kg punnet of strawberries.

In terms of cost it was a little high but I think a lot of it will last me around a week and a half at a stretch and with the salmon two packs will be going in the freezer for future weeks. I must also stress that I don’t use a lot of frozen veg and some of my personal preferences means that I will go for “higher quality” e.g. tender stem broccoli over normal. Slimming World can be done on a lot cheaper, I’m just a bit of a fuss pot!

Spend: Costco – £13.67, Asda – £16.65, Morrisons – £35.53. TOTAL – £65.85

Some of the meals I’ll be making I’ll probably freeze half of the batch in case I have a night where I just can’t be bothered to cook. So it is going to look a lot when you look at my meal plan. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve just had a really big meat delivery and I also had lean mince leftover from a previous Morrison’s offer. I might do a post on what is left so you can see. I try not to have too much waste and next week I’ll try and incorporate any stuff I have left.

I’m not sure if you’ll find it useful or if you read this thinking “omg that’s a massive spend a week!”. There is me and my OH. He shares some meals with me but he is allergic to egg and wheat so it can be difficult, especially as some meals he will just refuse to eat. It’s ok though as he is a real skinny minnie and he needs to put on a good few pounds. We are very much the opposite when it comes to weight and body size.

Anyhow, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I might make this a regular blog feature.

Until next time.. x




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