Crazy Crazy Week

Hi guys,

Apologies for the lack of posts. It has been a crazy week what with being in London and this cough (almost!) killing me. I haven’t food optimised much and I didn’t make weigh in this week due to as soon as I was back, I had a lot of social commitments to attend which I couldn’t get out of so I literally haven’t been able to get home before 10pm since I got back from London on Monday. Tonight will be the first “early” night I’d have and I am doing my food shop as I won’t have time for the rest of the week with my volunteering and college. Plus, I really need to get back on the wagon! Flexible syns got thrown out of the window a bit due to London and also lack of planning since I’ve come back.

All the junk and the stress of my cough and not sleeping for more than 4 hours a night whilst in London took its toll and I had the worst breakout on my face. I hardly ever break out so that was when I knew I had to really make sure I was getting at least 7 hours and drinking more water at least as food-wise I’ve not been great at all due to eating out so much.

2014-11-22 11.29.37 2014-11-22 11.32.15 2014-11-22 11.32.54 2014-11-22 11.34.07

I haven’t taken photos of all my food this week so I’m kind of drawing a line under it all and making sure I stock up on some fresh fruit and veg (totally empty at the moment!). Below is my food log of the week which may or may not correspond with the photos above.

Saturday (London 1st day)

Breakfast: Granola with yoghurt and mixed berries with iced water

Lunch: Home made roast tomato tapenade stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon (3 syns) with sweet potato fries and a cup of tea

Dinner: Meal in China Town – if I could guestimate the syns I’d probably say around 20 to be on the safe side

Syns: 21

Remaining: 59

Sunday (London 2nd day)

Breakfast: Full English – scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs, bacon (cut the fat off), mushrooms, sausages, hash browns (15 syns?)

Lunch: Salad with houmus, quinoa, edamame (didn’t have the salad dressing), grapes

Dinner: half of that massive burger (couldn’t fit it in my mouth!) with fries

Syns: way too many…. 30 – 40? I’m just going to just go with it I think as it doesn’t get better.

Monday (London 3rd day)

Breakfast: double bacon cheeseburger and half large fries

Lunch: a frozen yoghurt with passion fruit seeds and half portion of grilled dumplings and an iced coffee

Dinner: dim sum with a relative in China Town

Tuesday (home)

Breakfast: ham and onion bun with a coconut tart

Lunch: Beans and cheese panini with tomato soup

Dinner: Lean corned beef hash with pickled cabbage and pickled onions


Breakfast: corned beef hash leftovers

Lunch: mushroom and pak choi buns

Dinner: pizza :/ and a slice of chocolate cake as it was a friend’s birthday.


Breakfast: beans and cheese panini with tomato soup

Lunch: eggs and bacon with beans

Dinner: turkey stir fry


Breakfast: mushroom and pak choi buns

Dinner: corned beef hash leftovers

Dinner: Chinese meal with my parents’ colleagues


Breakfast: a Christmas wrap with roast chicken, roast carrots and parsnips, stuffing and cranberry sauce (my sister’s a bad influence!)

Lunch: corned beef hash leftovers

Dinner: not sure as of yet. Possibly turkey stir fry leftovers at this rate.


I’ll let you know how my meal plan goes for next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to post about my shopping if I’m not in a tizz as soon as I get home and I get a proper plan done this afternoon. I had a massive meat delivery the other day and spent a good hour and a half pulling all the fatty bits off before I put it in the freezer so it’s ready to use so I don’t think there will be too much – just fresh fruit and veg and any store cupboard essentials that need topping up.

Until next time.. x


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