Friday Round Up

Hi guys,

Just a quick one re: meals. I forgot to post yesterday so just doing a quick catch up on the train to London.

Breakfast: woke up really early for work so ended up with the lamb shank leftovers! Had it with sprouts, swede, carrots, broccoli and roast potatoes (1 syn)

Snack: an overripe banana which went down well with my sore throat!

Another snack of clementine and a Sharon fruit.

Lunch: HM lasagne (HEA & 1 syn)

Snack: two boiled eggs

Snack: around 2 syns of mixed olives

Another snack of banana

2014-11-14 19.34.42

Dinner ended up sharing half of this salad box with my sister. I think I ended up eating the tomato pasta, egg, and the carrots, beetroot and cucumber at the bottom of all this pasta and potatoes :/

Total syns: I’m guestimating around 14 as I have no idea what was in the salad box.

Remaining: 80

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