Thursday Round Up

Hi guys,

Been feeling awful today so had a day to rest up and hopefully help me feel a bit better. Had a really rough night of coughing so had a good lie in until around 12:30-1pm so not eaten as much as I would normally.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that at weigh in yesterday, our consultant got us to focus on speed and superspeed foods. She made a really good point that a lot of us tend to eat salads and now it’s colder we might struggle a bit so she challenged us to get a good loss next week by trying to focus more on speed and super speed foods. I haven’t done a meal plan as such as I’ll be away but I’m going to try and use this to influence my food choices while I’m away.


Breakfast was 3 fried eggs, a load of spinach, bit of bacon and some spicy beans. Left about half the beans so will probably finish those tomorrow.

Had a bounty as a snack (7 Syns)

Had another snack of pear and a Mullerlight.

As well as a pack of seafood sticks.

Dinner was a 60g wholemeal roll (HEB) with a Heck chicken burger (1 syn) with cucumber, pickled cucumber, tomato. A side of pasta bake with a 30g mix of Red Leicester and mature cheddar (HEA), tomato and spinach. Little pickled salad with pickled onions, pickled cabbage and about 3 syns of olives.

Dessert of another Mullerlight.

Total syns: 11
Remaining: 94

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