Friday Round Up

Hi guys,

Here’s my food log for Friday 07/11. I ate so so much.


Breakfast: 40g Weetabix Bran Flakes (HEB), Mandarin Muller Light, Boiled Egg


Mid-morning coffee with 50ml semi skimmed milk (20% of HEA) and sweetener


Snack: a pear. Half-eaten. I apologise.


Lunch: SW hotpot (1 syn) with pickled red cabbage, roast sweet potato and balsamic vinegar marinated cherry tomatoes


Was invited to a very late lunch but as I had already eaten I just had a bottle of water and a side of mushy peas served in a cute ramekin.


Snack: two boiled eggs with soy sauce (absolutely gorgeous) plus 2 flasks of tea with semi skimmed milk & sweetener, using up the rest of my HEA.


Dinner at the firework display: Cumberland sausage (7 Syns) on a white bread roll (10 Syns!) with onions, ketchup (3 Syns) and American mustard (2 syns)

Total Syns: 23
Remaining: 79

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