Saturday Round Up

Hi guys,

Today I have full on lurgy. Drinking lots of tea to soothe my throat as I’m not wanting to use honey, etc.


Breakfast: 2 slices of 400g wholemeal toast (HEB) with a 400g tin of spaghetti hoops, 2 fried eggs and a flask of tea with sweetener and semi skimmed milk (HEA)


Snack: 2 flasks of tea, clementine & egg with soy sauce


Lunch: SW teriyaki salmon (1 syn), broccoli, green beans, balsamic vinegar plum tomatoes and a flask of tea


Snack: three boiled eggs with soy sauce and another clementine


My throat was killing me so I caved in and took a tablespoon of this cough medicine (which is amazing!) – 3 Syns though 😦 Also had 3 Syns worth of olives and three slices of ham which I forgot to photograph!


Dinner: was in the mood for soup with my throat so I made chicken and sweet corn soup with egg. There’s about six portions and I did use a bit of corn flour (3 Syns) so about half a syn a portion.

Total Syns: 7.5
Remaining: 71.5

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