It’s Been a While – Fresh Start

Hi everyone,

Apologies for not really getting started on the blog. I did join a Slimming World group again and have been ambling along. I lost 5lbs in my first week but since then I’ve been gaining and losing the same 2lbs or maintaining. Unfortunately, the exact reason why is known. I have been inundated with work and on a personal level, it’s been stressful as my partner’s been quite ill. Writing this now, I’ve managed to get the snuffles and a horrible sore throat so bear with me – I’ll try not to moan and groan too much!

Also, a lady who has been helping me in group since I started has just had a mini-stroke šŸ˜¦ I think it’s kickstarted me again. As you know I have my own illnesses which have the possibility to become life threatening and it’s really given me a kick up the backside. This lady has lost over 4 stone in the last year and is no longer threatened with diabetes and high blood pressure and has never felt healthier and I feel that the amount of help she has provided me means that I should be doing more than just maintaining and losing the same couple of pounds over and over.

So.. it’s a new start today. Since I wrote last there’s been a fair few changes. I’ve gone back to college two evenings a week to finally complete my AAT as well as I’m now volunteering for the local Council and got my first class beginning on Monday evening. As well as all this, whilst on holiday in September, my other half proposed šŸ™‚ So I guess I also need to kick start this whole wedding “diet” malarkey. I’ve meal planned this week though it’s slightly gone awry as OH decided to cook and as he’s not been too enthusiastic about life at the moment, I firmly pushed him into the kitchen and ate whatever he made (chicken red curry)! I weighed in last night and maintained at 15 st 10.5lb. I’m really hoping to start the losses again from next week. Also, I love my new consultant. She is amazing. Plus the group I go to is quite small so it’s been nice to actually get a chance to speak to people.

I’m planning on doing EE throughout the week with flexible syns as I am going to a bonfire night event on Friday. I’ve planned until Sunday (as I will be doing a food shop on Monday) but will post throughout the week and update the syns I’ve used.

Meal Plan

Breakfast/brunch – 3 egg omelette with spinach, mushrooms, 35g grated red leicester (HEA & 1 syn) and spicy baked beans (was massive, so tasty, felt like a pig afterwards)
Dinner – SW lamb hotpot (1 syn) with blanched broccoli, green beans and roasted sweet potato
Snacks – muller light mango & passion fruit, 2 clementines, 1 pear, grapes
Syns – 2

Breakfast – 40g Weetabix Bran Flakes (HEB) with a muller light and 125ml semi skimmed milk (1/2 HEA)
Lunch – SW lamb hotpot (1 syn) and microwave veg
Dinner – SW Teriyaki salmon (1 syn) with stir fry veg
Snacks – muller light, 2 clementines, grapes, tea/coffee with sweetener and 125ml semi skimmed milk (1/2 HEA)
Syns – 2 (Going to a school bonfire night so may have one or two goodies there)

Breakfast – 2 slices 400g wholemeal toast (HEB) with tin of spaghetti hoops and fried egg
Lunch – SW Teriyaki salmon (1 syn) with salad
Dinner – Mushroom and vegetable risotto with 30g parmesan cheese (HEA)
Snacks – muller light, 2 clementines, 2 boiled eggs
Syns – 1

Breakfast – 3 egg omelette with spinach, mushrooms, 30g grated red leicester (HEA)
Lunch – Mushroom and vegetable risotto
Dinner – slow roasted lamb shank with mint, sprouts, roast carrots, roast sweet potato, mashed swede
Snacks – muller light, 2 clementines, 2 boiled eggs
Syns – 0

OK folks, sorry for the massive post! I WILL post again, very very soon!

Until then.. x

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