The After Weekend Post

Hi guys,

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of this SW thing. The last couple of days have been much easier. Plus, I feel a tiny bit skinnier – my ring fits less snug than it used to πŸ™‚

Food Log for Sunday
B/L – onion & cheese (HEA) omelette with 200g tin of spaghetti & sausage (2.5) and 1 orange
D – Salmon marinated in soy, fish sauce, sweetener, 1 tbsp chilli sauce (2), rice, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli
Snacks – Propercorn Fiery Worcester & Sundried Tomato (4.5), frozen grapes, muller light cappuccino
Syns – 9

Food Log for Monday
B – 3 poached eggs on wholemeal toast (HEB) with mushrooms and tomatoes (at F&B’s so 5 syns for oil)
L – SW mini quiche with carrot fries & some SW chilli con carne with rice
D – had dinner at a Thai restaurant so went with spicy rice noodles in tom yum soup (10?)
Snacks – SW mini quiche
Syns – about 15

Food Log Plan for Tuesday
B – onion & cheese omelette with mushrooms and beans
L – SW chili con carne with rice
D – Asda reduced fat sausages (4.5), mash (4) and veggies
Snacks – SW mini quiche, nectarine x2, orange, cherry tomatoes
Syns – 8.5

I’m actually looking forward to weigh in now. On Friday I was freaking out that I wasn’t getting the hang of it & that I’d be gaining on the first week but I’m feeling quite optimistic. Another plus is that my skin has cleared up quite a bit which I’m super happy about. Couldn’t of come at a better time as it is mine & OH’s five year anniversary this weekend as well as a friend’s wedding. It’s amazing how a few days can totally change your attitude.

Until next time.. x

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