It’s Been a Crazy Week…

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts. There have been some personal issues combined with what I talked about in my previous post that’s kind of knocked me sideways and I just had to just take a little break and a time out for myself. I’m feeling a lot better now though so ready to get on with the show!

I’ve had a change in days at work so my weigh in will be Mondays now which will better reflect my meal plans and confuses me a little less! I haven’t really taken photos of my meals last week but I will be getting back on it today. My meal plan will be up later today or early tomorrow. I haven’t really done a food shop as such – there’s a lot of food left over from last week that needs using up but I did buy a couple of bits from Costco yesterday.

So hopefully there will be a lot more positive posts from me and I went to class yesterday to help me focus my head and it’s so amazing the support you get from group. Just to see how far they have come and if they can do it, why on Earth can’t you?!

Until next time.. x