Monthly Round Up – 6th Nov – 6th Dec 2014

Hi guys,

I’ve not really been doing a daily thoughts posts and I realised I’ve just hit the one month mark of when I decided I was going to commit properly to SW after messing around since August. So I figured I should write down how I feel for future reference.

As you saw in my last weigh in post, I have lost 5lbs this month and have been very happy with my progress. Before I restarted my blog I had one gain and three maintains so I was really happy to get back on the wagon. Plus I had bought the 12 week countdown and didn’t want it to end up being a total waste of money!

How are you feeling?

Well, I haven’t noticed much difference in terms of my moods. I think I’m less grouchy when I’m hungry but that may be more down to the fact that I’ve planned my meals more and there’s less chance of me not eating and then eating the entire contents of the fridge. I haven’t been too bored with the meals I’ve planned which is good and apart from this week, I haven’t really fallen off the wagon which is quite incredible. I’m trying to move mentally past the whole “weigh in’s nearly a week away, I can get away with eating this and just eat good Mon-Wed”. I thought I was doing quite well and then this week has been a shambles since Wednesday so now I’m not too sure. It makes me determined to see a loss (however small!) on the scales on Wednesday.

Have you noticed any changes in your body?

I think I’ve lost a few inches this month. My work pants are getting gradually looser and I now fit into my smaller work pants (size 16, rather than the size 18s) quite comfortably which is nice. I haven’t actually looked at my measurements yet but just going off general “does it feel tight?” formula. I may do my measurements in the next monthly post. If I remember. My sleeping pattern is still a bit all over the place with some nights I’m in bed for 9pm (last night) and others I’m still up at nearly 3am (like tonight)! I really would like to get this under control and I think if I start some exercise it’ll really combat that.

Goals for the next month?

I’d really really like to hit 14 stone something. I’m not sure if I will but I would really like to try. I also want to start exercising again but saying that, the weather is forecasting snow this week >.< I may have to see if I can dig up my gym wristband and build up the courage to go back now that my OH has bought me some lovely support trainers. I have 5 meals out planned for the next month with family and friends and 1 meal that I’m cooking for everyone. I’m going to try and choose the better options so that I don’t get a gain especially next week as I’m going out 3 times in the space of 7 days. I think I’ll be happy with a maintain next week. Maybe. I’ll just have to be extra good the other days and stick to plan 100%. I have 5.5lbs until I hit 15 stone exactly so I would like to lose at least 6lbs by my next update on 6th Jan. Fingers crossed.

Until next time.. x

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