Meal Plan Mon – Wed

Hi guys,

So I’ve meal planned until Sunday and here’s what I think I shall be having until weigh in.

Breakfast: 2 slices of 400g wholemeal toast (HEB) with spaghetti hoops, 2 fried eggs, a muller light
Lunch: chicken and sweetcorn soup (0.5 syn) with leftover lamb shank with broccoli, swede, sprouts with a teeny bit of mint sauce (0.5 syn)
Dinner: Homemade lasagne with 5% beef mince, spinach, onions, mushrooms, carrots & celery with wholemeal pasta sheets and a mix of red leicester & mature cheddar and a white sauce using cauliflower and 3 dairylea light triangles so pretty much works out at 1 syn & 1 HEA per portion
Snacks: seafood sticks, 2 clementines, 4 boiled eggs

Breakfast: beans, mushrooms, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 fried eggs, banana
Lunch: HM lasagne (1 syn & HEA)
Pre-college meal: ham sandwich (HEB) with cucumber, tomatoes, pickled cucumber & beetroot with pineapple
Post-college snack: spinach salad with mussels, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot and low fat dressing (not sure which ones, will update syn value in my daily log)
Snacks: 2 clementines, 2 boiled eggs, banana

Breakfast: Oat-so-simple multigrain porridge fruit muesli (HEB & HEA)
Lunch: chicken & sweetcorn soup (0.5 syn), muller light, banana, clementine
Dinner: HM chicken kebab marinated in 0% fat yoghurt and spices with a spinach salad, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, low fat dressing
Snacks: 4 boiled eggs, muller light, pear

Total approx syns: around 9, depending on salad dressing
Total used in the week (approx): 52.5
Average: 7.5 syns/day

Ok guys so that’s the plan. I’m really really hoping for a loss on the scales. I’m drinking so much water and tea at the moment and almost constantly running to the loo which is annoying. Along with my cough, tiredness, body aches due to the coughing – it’s been a rough week! I may add a few more syns here and there as I’ve used about half but it depends how I feel as it is running up to weigh in day and I’m notorious for maintaining.

My daily food updates will be coming as usual. I’m definitely feeling better for logging all my food and taking photos (even for my midnight snacks!). My next non-food diary blog will probably be Wednesday after weigh in (though it will probably have the first half of my meal plan in it as I’ll probably do a little shop Wednesday or Thursday).

Until next time.. x

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