Merry Christmas

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted much in the last couple of weeks. We’ve been overrun at work and I was inundated with my exam revision so my body’s been telling me to take a rest! I have been pretty busy with last minute wrapping and baking & now it’s nearing the end of Christmas Day, I’m finally snuggled up in bed, catching up on my favourite Youtube videos and generally just chilling.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas! We had a lovely Christmas dinner with a roasted lamb leg and lots of veggies (and mint sauce!). As I may have mentioned before, I’m having friends over for another Christmas and I’ll be eating as I want on that day.

FRIENDS’ CHRISTMAS MENU: roast pork belly with stuffing, dauphinoise potatoes, roast new potatoes, carrot and swede mash, sprouts, roasted parsnips, sausage meat stuffing with chestnuts and sage, pigs in blankets and gravy. We’re then having Chinese hotpot in the evening so there will be meat slices, enoki and oyster mushrooms, winter melon, chinese leaf, fishballs galore and prawns – so excited!

I will be eating relatively healthy from now until then. I haven’t managed to make the past two weigh ins as I’ve just been so busy. I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s as I believe we will be getting new packs! Definitely exciting to see what new changes are in store.

So.. to sum up, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic day and not worried too much about what is passing your lips. I hope you’ve had a great day with family and ready to bring in the New Year!

Until next time.. x