Mon/Tues Round Up

Hi guys,

Sorry to leave you in the lurch. It’s been a busy couple of days with my volunteering and college so I’ve been quite shattered. Plus it’s a friend’s birthday tomorrow so after college tonight I was making green tea cupcakes for her as I won’t have time tomorrow 😦

It is weigh in tomorrow. My consultant posted on Facebook that we should try and make the image therapy but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it just as I was thinking of doing a morning weigh in and I need to pick up my prescription before work (I’ve pretty much run out) so I can go see my friend after work. Plus image therapy doesn’t finish until around 10:30 so I’m cutting it a bit fine for work. So I’m still pondering what would be my better option as what she’s going to cover in class will be really helpful.

Also, I was wondering if anyone else had seen the speed/superspeed challenge? Someone posted in our group’s Facebook page about a blog which mentioned eating 8 speed foods (s) and 2 superspeed foods (ss) a day along with the 1/3 superfree each meal. So I’m going to try and see if it will speed up my weight loss a bit (along with keeping those Haribo treat bags out of reach!)


2014-11-24 13.37.12    2014-11-24 14.19.18

Breakfast: 3 turkey sausages with baked beans (ss) with strawberries (ss) and a clementine (s)

2014-11-24 15.57.14

Lunch: Leftover cottage pie

2014-11-24 16.26.49  2014-11-24 18.17.06

Snack: Ham salad sandwich on 400g wholemeal bread (HEB) with pickled cucumber (s), cucumber (s), tomato (s) and a tbsp reduced fat salad cream (1 syn) with a banana

2014-11-24 22.03.15

Dinner: a 3 egg omelet with spinach (s), mushrooms (s), 30g cheese (HEA) and turkey sausage with roast new potatoes and roast carrots (s) and Haribo treat bag (4.5 syns)

Total syns: 5.5 syns


2014-11-25 11.22.26  2014-11-25 12.31.02

Breakfast: Fat free natural yoghurt with passion fruit (s), strawberries (ss) and a clementine (s)

2014-11-25 13.28.49  2014-11-25 13.52.23

Lunch: 1.5 egg omelet with spinach (s), mushrooms (s), 15g cheese (0.5 HEA), baked beans (ss) and roast new potatoes. Pina colada Muller Light (gorgeous!) with strawberries (ss) and a clementine (s)

Snack: jacket potato with tuna (s) and light mayo (5 syns), tomato cup-a-soup (4.5 syns) – not pictured

2014-11-25 22.24.29

Dinner: pork loin chop with roast carrots (s), broccoli (s), green beans (s) and roast new potatoes

2014-11-25 23.37.19

I also dipped my finger (once!) in green tea cupcake batter and lychee buttercream (5 syns)

Total syns: 14.5 syns

It’s been a late one but all up to date now. I’m in a bit of a tizz about my buttercream as it looked a bit split (I think I added too much lychee juice) so it’s currently firming up in the fridge. Hopefully it’ll be looking better in the morning. Failing that, I’m going to try and blend it and smooth it out >.< Another thing is that this is the most unhealthy recipe ever despite it having green tea in! The amount of sugar and butter was enough to give me slight heart palpitations. It does taste good though. Such a bummer.

Until next time.. x