Weigh In Saturday (13th Dec)

Hi guys,

Just a quick one today! I just weighed in this morning and was expecting possibly a small gain, a maintain at the most with the awful week I’ve had. I’m thoroughly surprised to have weighed in at 15 stone 4lbs which means I’ve lost 1.5lbs!

Part of this I think is the different weigh in times (morning rather than evening) so I’m not super excited yet as I’m going to my usual weigh in on Wednesday so I’ll see what the damage is there. I think I’d be happy with 1lb loss *fingers crossed*

After Wednesday there’s only one more weigh in until Christmas. I don’t think I’ll quite meet my goal of hitting my 1 stone but I think if I manage to keep to plan I think I’m going to get very close! 🙂

Until next time.. x