Life Update

Hi guys,

It’s been quite a while since I last posted on the site. I actually just checked to see what my last post was to see what I could update you on and realised the last post was also a random life update 🙂

So what’s been happening for the last two and a bit years? Well, I got a new job which has been eye opening, exhausting, frustrating and yet fulfilling at the same time. It’s part of a training contract so I’ve been spending a lot of time studying trying to qualify as a Chartered Accountant (we’re getting there slowly but surely). That has meant that my little project from my last post didn’t really take off as I was focusing on career goals.

On top of that, just before my last post, I joined the gym. I wasn’t able to swim with my wrist and it was causing me crazy amounts of pain. I ended up training with a PT around Feb 2018 and she’s become such a big part of my life. I still train with her today (though virtually at the moment as COVID-19 has the world all crazy) and I’ve found a love of leg day and doing weights.

Talking about my wrist, it’s been so much better. I got discharged from physiotherapy pretty quickly as there wasn’t much they could do and the waiting list for steroid injections was really long. Combining exercises from my PT and also getting acupuncture has really helped with the inflammation and now my wrist only twinges from time to time which is a massive plus.

On other health issues, I’ve taken massive strides. I can’t remember where I updated you last on blood pressure meds but they’ve reduced from what was at my worst, 4 different tablets to this week cutting down to a half dose – one little tablet that I hope will reduce down to zero in the next few months. In terms of my diabetes, I’ve technically been in “remission” for six months now which is crazy. Back at my check up in January my last three quarterly HBA1Cs had come back as totally normal and my medication had been slowly reducing but as of January, I haven’t been taking any medication for diabetes which is amazing. I was supposed to be having another check up a couple of months ago but obviously all routine checkups have been cancelled but I got a call last week asking me to get some urgent bloods done so hopefully I’ll be having another telephone appointment soon to discuss my progress.

So, weight wise what’s happened there? This has been quite a rollercoaster. I hit my lowest weight in 2017 which was 82.7kg – this was pre-gym and exercise I think and since then up to May 2019 I was fluctuating at around 84-86kg depending on the time of month. Since the Summer of 2019, I have been hardcore struggling. Work has been insane – I was given additional responsibilities on top of the increased workload I had from someone leaving, we had a couple of deaths in the family and then in January 2020, I had my implant put back in – which in hindsight now, was probably a mistake as this all contributed to my weight gain as by March 2020, I was back at 95.5kg which I think was around my start weight for the low carb journey a few years ago (though not at my highest which was 16.5 stone – about 104.7kg).

Luckily with lockdown and having to work from home, it’s given me perspective to really focus on my eating. Exercising was never really an issue with the gym – I loved going and working out with my PT and I’d taken to spin classes (which I never thought would appeal!) but my curse has been my comfort eating, especially in times of stress. Since lockdown started for me just after Mother’s Day in the UK, I have been at home constantly mainly due to the higher risk my health conditions pose against COVID and I felt safer exercising from home, especially as we live in an area of several blocks of flats where social distancing by my neighbours has been dubious most of the time. However, by spending the time focusing on my food and trying to find alternative ways to alleviate stress and anxiety, I’ve managed to lose just shy of 5kg in the last 3 months. I weighed in the other day at 90.8kg (14st 4lb) which I am super happy with.

I do have a short term goal. Me and OH are trying to get married again – which in itself has brought us a few headaches but fingers crossed, lockdown will be lifted enough for us to be able to elope in August. I have my dress which I to just skinny down enough to get the last inch of zip up and so I can sit whilst breathing >.< but I think if I can keep it up, it shouldn’t be a problem.

And lastly, just a paragraph to sum up the craziness that has been the first 6 months of 2020. It has been absolutely insane. As I write this, the Black Lives Matter movement is in full swing which I fully support. Racism not only in the US but around the world is something which is ingrained in the system that governs our lives. It upsets me to read posts from my hometown which suggest that “it’s amazing how one death of a criminal has led to absolute uproar and protests in America and what about Lee Rigby?” They are two very different scenarios – Lee Rigby’s killers were arrested as soon as they were found from what I remember and we had protests in support of how horrific the murder was – despite the increase in attacks against Muslims despite the fact that the people who killed him were terrorists. George Floyd was murdered by people in power – the police – who weren’t arrested or charged for this until public pressure was apparent. And yes, he had a criminal past but does that justify being knelt on by the neck for almost ten minutes and dying? How about the run up of black murders and other racial incidents in the weeks leading up to this? How about Breonna Taylor, an EMT on the COVID frontline who was murdered in her home as she slept by plainclothes police officers who raided the wrong house and the suspects were actually in police custody? These officers are still working in the force and have not been penalised or apprehended as far as I can tell. Or what about Ahmaud Arbery who was gunned down whilst on a run in his neighbourhood? They have only just ruled that there is actually enough evidence to convict. Unfortunately, the UK although it seems better, there is still a lot of racism underfoot. Only last week did Boris Johnson condemn the increase in racial abuse towards East Asians since COVID-19 started – it’s been six months. Let’s not mention all the other racist things he’s said in the past right now but as Prime Minister, as with Trump, the electorate look up to them to lead the country and to set the tone. To those who still don’t understand why it’s such a big deal, it’s about the equality of justice, to eradicate the prejudice that is evident in positions of power. Yes, it doesn’t apply to every police officer, or every politician, but by not speaking up, we’re essentially saying that this behaviour is ok and that some races in our community are less valued than others.

So after this massive essay, if you’ve reached the end, well done! Please stay safe and please continue to read, expand and educate yourselves in the world around us. After all, we’re all part of the human race.

Until next time.. x

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