Weigh in Monday & New SW Packs

Hi guys,

Just a quick one from me. Sorry I didn’t manage to get any photos from my get together with friends. I was just so busy with food and then so hungry that I totally forgot – typical!

I did manage to go to weigh in yesterday though. Our group has been moved to a Tuesday which is a bit hard for me to get to as it’s earlier (6:15pm) and I don’t finish work until 6:45pm. I really wanted to go though as the new packs were out and I wanted to get my head around it before the New Year,

So, considering I haven’t been to group since mid-December and had been eating out non stop since then (I know.. don’t frown at the screen in disapproval!) I did gain but not as much as I originally expected. I weighed in at 15st 8lb (it was flitting between 7.5 and 8) with a 4lb gain. It’s not unexpected but I’m not angry either. I guess it didn’t help too much having weigh in the day after a massive dinner!

So yes, I am getting back on it (slowly). The next couple of days are going to be half SW days as it’s New Year etc but from the 2nd I will be doing the new plan and will hope to get a loss at the weigh in on 7th Jan – fingers crossed!

I will probably do a little blog post over the New Year about the changes to the SW plan once I get my own head around it. From first impressions though, it doesn’t seem too different and a lot more streamlined. On the SW facebook groups (the normal ones, not group based) there seems to be a lot of scaremongering about the new plan and people outright refusing to do the new one, etc so I want to make sure I have all my facts right beforehand as I wouldn’t want to set off WW3 (though that may have already happened in the FB groups!).

So, until next time.. x

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