Thurs – Sat Round Up

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well. I’ll break it to you now.. I’ve not had the best half week. You know when those F1 cars do the crazy tail spin around in circles? I feel like I’ve been in one of those since Wednesday evening and not managed to get myself out. Still spinning out of control! I’ve done some damage limitation today (Saturday) and look forward to starting afresh tomorrow.


2014-12-04 09.46.08

Breakfast: I was doing some Christmas shopping at 9am and ran out of the house without breakfast, which led me to arriving at Wilko’s about an hour in starving! I had a fried egg, bacon (removed the fat after the photo was taken), mushroom (s), baked beans (ss), a hash brown and a slice of toast. I’m guesstimating around 15 syns.

2014-12-04 13.33.08

Lunch: a bit better – tomato speed soup (ss) with pickled beetroot (s) and I forgot about this morning’s toast (which I synned above) and had 2 slices of 400g wholemeal toast (HEB) cut into small crouton size.

Snack: My Mum then took me for a cup of tea. It resulted in said cup of tea and half a portion of nachos with chilli con carne. Massive massive fail. 20 – 30 syns?

2014-12-04 19.54.03

Dinner: soy salmon with roast carrots (s), peas (ss), broccoli (s), green beans (s), sweetcorn.

Superspeed – 3, speed – 5

Total syns: way too many. 45?


I totally forgot to take any photos on Friday as I was manning a stall at a local school.

Breakfast/Lunch: spiced yoghurt chicken (s) with sweetcorn, peas (ss), broccoli (s) and green beans.

Snack: banana, clementine (s) Pretz sour cream & onion x2 (10 syns)

Dinner: siu mai, siu long bao and 2 chicken and mushroom buns. (syns : left, right and centre, I imagine.)

Superspeed – 1, speed – 3

Total syns: Not sure. Write off?


2014-12-06 13.16.07  2014-12-06 13.36.29

Breakfast/Lunch: I ate some of these siu long bao (left) and cha siu bao (right). No idea on the syns.

Snack: I had a Mama tom yum vermicelli cup noodle. Again clueless on syn value.

2014-12-06 19.45.30  2014-12-06 22.29.12


Dinner: I had a few chips and I made chicken (s) pizza with peppers (s), onions (s), mushrooms (s), tomatoes (s), green beans (s) and some mozzarella (HEA).

Superspeed – 0, speed – 6

Total syns: I give up.

So, overall I’ve just had a seriously bad few days of eating. It’s not even that I’m binge eating on these things (which makes a change!). I’ve just not eaten strictly on plan at all – just a couple of meals here and there. I did do a cheeky weigh in on my own scales (which I discovered are pretty similar to SW, I think it shows half a lb more than SW scales when I weighed in last Saturday 10 mins apart) and I don’t seem to have gained. Yet. So I am giving myself a rhetorical massive kick up the backside to stick to the SW plan until weigh in. I did my food shop today and my food plan is all set. I have a couple of Chinese dishes on my plan this week which I think still work with SW. I’ll give a more detailed explanation on my next post as my previous post was just ridiculously long and I don’t want you to suffer again! 🙂

Until next time.. x

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