Budget : November Week 2-4 & Monthly Round Up

Hi guys,

I’m a little behind on posts so I’ve decided to merge the posts together so that I don’t get too behind. November has ended up being quite an expensive month as I splurged on a couple of items >.<

8th-30th November breakdown:

Income: £2061.96 (two incomes+interest on bank account+HMRC refund+remainder of week1+selling my Macbook Air)
Total monthly income: £2416.09 (two incomes+interest on bank account+HMRC refund+Macbook sale)



  • £427.75 on groceries and eating out. Totalling £536.02 in total for the month. Big ouch. I’m going to really try and cut down on the take outs next month and maybe eating more at the restaurant. Especially that hits 25% of my monthly budget.
  • £306.64 on work expenses. I will be getting this back in the near future as long as my boss remembers to pay me back.
  • £160 on pension payments. £60 to my SIPP with Virgin Money and £100 to my workplace pension (NEST)
  • £28.91 on iTunes purchases. Enough said.
  • £56.91 on parking and petrol.
  • £33.25 on software. This was a one-off payment for a programme for work and my monthly subscription to use Adobe Photoshop.
  • £400 on savings. £200 to ISAs and £200 to regular savers.
  • £78.92 on Amazon purchases – some Black Friday splurging including a mini hoover for the car, desk lamp and a case/screen protector for my phone
  • £479 on replacing my phone with iPhone 6s (after much umming and ahhing). Partly funded with selling my Macbook.
  • £79.83 on clothes in the Black Friday sale. A few jumpers, pair of jeans and a scarf for the cold weather.

Total monthly expenses: £2427.02 – £304.64 (work expenses) = £2122.38 (remaining £293.71)

A big chunk of money was spent on “spur of the moment” expenses such as clothing, Black Friday purchases and the phone. The remaining £293.71 will be placed in one of my regular savers. I’ve also opened a new M&S Bank Account as it is currently offering a £100 M&S voucher and £10/month every month you deposit £1000 and I can’t say no to free money.

November Goals Recap:
– Re-work the budget and regularly log expenses – success.
– Start thinking about Christmas gifts – plan Black Friday (online only) – fail. No presents bought as of yet as we still don’t know what we’re doing for Christmas.
– Start saving an additional £150/month for house deposit – fail.
– Start saving an additional £150/month for travelling – fail.
– Stick to 3 solid healthy meals a day – fail. I’ve been really ill this month which explains the lack of posts. The really painful abdominal pain stopped me from eating for a few days.
– Drink more water and cut down on fizzy drinks – fail. On the days I wasn’t eating, I was getting through the days on full sugar lemonade.

Until next time.. x