About – Personal Finance

So, as of around the end of September 2016, I decided to incorporate a big part of my life in my blog as it was being rebranded from aspiringskinnyminnie.

Personal finance has been a big part of my life, mainly due to being the victim of identity fraud at 18 and having to deal with all the horrible after effects including trying to set aside a CCJ issued without my knowledge (which was successfully done in 2012!). I have enjoyed reading personal finance blogs in the last year or so but I have noticed that these are mainly American or Canadian and so I just wanted to document my journey and publish my two-pence into the internet.

I have budgeted on and off for many years and managed to clear a bunch of debt between me and my OH (though due to recent events, he has accumulated even more but that’s now on him – tough love!) around £10K in two years. We had a year separation in 2015 and have only recently gotten back together so our finances are still separate and I want to achieve my own goals.

My net worth as of 16.11.16 is £12918.04 (not including student loans) and -£11475.09 (including them). I save roughly £500/month and contribute around £110 to my pensions though both of these are increasing. I put my monthly expenses on my credit cards but I do pay them off in full each month. I’m also working on minimising my budget but it’s hard when spending half my week away from home.

Some of my financial goals include saving more for retirement, saving for a house deposit and for a trip to Canada. At 26, I want to get my life in full working order.

Come and follow me on my journey to be more budget conscious and saving friendly.