Budget – November 2016 Week 1

Hi guys,

Hope you’re well. So, I realised I do have quite a few expenses throughout the month so I’m breaking it down week by week with a monthly summary 🙂

1st-7th November breakdown:

Income: £566.46 (two incomes)



  • £108.27 on groceries and eating out. Ouch. I’ve just been buying as  I need and had a couple of dinners out this week. I need to work on what I eat when I’m working from home as the takeaway is just too convenient when staying in a hotel.
  • £111.25 on professional accounting fees. More ouch. I made the decision to continue my studies and start the CIMA professional certificate in January. They have a special offer of free exemptions this month so £77 is my joining fee and the remainder is my final direct debit for my full membership with AAT
  • £46.94 on stationery – so not a necessary purchase but I haven’t made a purchase in months and this makes me so happy!
  • £30 on unlimited hotel wifi for a month. My iPad’s 3G punked out on me and I couldn’t spend all that time in my hotel room not doing anything at all. Worth it as I’m in hotels every weekend until Christmas.
  • £7.49 – Netflix. Enough said.
  • £9.99 on CreditExpert. I like regularly checking my credit file. I also check Noddle and ClearScore which are free but I tend to find that CreditExpert update pretty regularly and is the most accurate. I get a cheaper rate as I’ve been with them for a while.
  • £51.99 on a foot massager. With being on my feet all the time at my second job, this was much needed. I was spending around £70-100 every other week on full body massages as my body is crying so hopefully this will cut this expense right down.
  • £10 – savings. Most of my savings is done towards the end of the month so this was just one of my smaller accounts.
  • £212.33 remaining for the month

A few large expenses this month. Hopefully I can work on reducing my food spend, though this week (15th Nov) I did spend a small fortune on Christmas jumpers in the Colleague 20% sale at Asda – it’s a work expense of course (my December uniform at the restaurant).

Until next time.. x


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